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Cloth Diapers Detergents

A new year and a little recap


I’ve been cloth diapering now for around 12 weeks.

I’ve done a lot of boring estimations and calculations.  The conclusion is that the diapers I’ve purchased have paid for themselves.  That includes all money I’ve spent as well as gifts and gift certificates.

Money isn’t why I switched to cloth, but it sure doesn’t hurt.  Also consider that with disposables, that money would be in the landfill.  With cloth, I could stop cloth diapering tomorrow and be able to make a decent amount of my money back by selling the diapers, or at the very least, pass them on to someone else.

I know that the devil’s advocates will have something to say about the cost of washing the diapers.  The lil outlaws detergent I’ve been using doesn’t cost any more than a decent “baby” detergent, and in fact costs considerably less when taking advantage of Jacklen’s sales.  We have well water, therefore there is no cost for the water.  I have an HE washer, so there isn’t much hot water used.  I hang diapers to dry and the inserts take no time to dry in the dryer.  I’ve noticed no change in my electric bill. Often, I’ll go ahead and throw my son’s clothes in with the diapers also, making it even more efficient.

The real reason I switched was for my son’s health.  Since cloth diapering, his bottom is totally clear.  He gets a tiny bit of redness when he dirties his diaper, even when changed immediately.  A thin layer of Grandma El’s and he’s good as new by the next diaper change.

My son wore a disposable diaper for a few hours one day and literally had raised, red welts on his bottom.  I actually love cloth diapering, but even if it were tons of work and very expensive, I’d still do it!

Saving a good $3 per day doesn’t hurt either!

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Cloth doll diapers

>It’s not that difficult to find cheap, single layer flannel doll diapers, like the ones that come with American Girl Bitty Baby.

However, I’ve been suckered into buying my daughter a Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo Doll for her birthday next month.  I never intended to buy the baby alive diapers at over a buck a pop, but the preemie size disposables aren’t looking that attrative to me either.  Not just because I’m sure she will go through a pack the first day she has it, but it’s environmentally irresponsible and just not something I want to do.

Anyway, there are some sellers on Hyenacart that have really cute doll diapers.  They are much cuter and better made than the aforementioned American Girl diapers, but still only typically have two layers, and won’t hold up to a heavy wetting baby doll.

The maker of Heartland Dreams diapers offers doll diapers made by her 12 year old daughter, and said she could do a diaper with added material to make it a bit absorbent.  At $4 each, a handful of them would be a much better investment than sposies anyway!

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A little off topic

>I have talked about “free for shipping” drawings on hyenacart before.  In stalking some FFS diapers, I came across a homemade “taggie” blanket that I loved, made by DooDooRags.  I loved it so much, I contacted her right away to see if she could make another one for me.  I entered the drawing, but as I expected, I didn’t win!

As it turns out, she makes diapers too!  So I guess this isn’t totally of topic.

I had seen taggie blankets when my daughter was little, but she wasn’t really into that.  My son loves the tags on burp cloths and such, so this will be perfect for him!  The front is an adorable puppy print and the back is a bubble minky fabric, giving him another texture also.

Those are the sellers photos, I asked and she said I could use them.

This is too cute, and I love that I’m supporting a work-at-home-mom instead of buying a factory produced item from a big corporation.

I started working on this post last week and I got the blanket today.  Um…squee!!!!  It is so freaking adorable.  I wish we had feel-o-vision because it is soooo soft.   As I suspected, my son latched onto it (and the “tags”) right away.  I LOVE this and I can’t believe it cost so little.  It is beautifully made and I wouldn’t know it wasn’t a pricey, mass produced item  if you didn’t tell me.  Actually, that’s not true.  It’s too well made to be factory made.

I am going to update this post with “action” shots soon, I’m pecking this out one-handed while nursing a sleepy boy right now. (see below!)

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to buy anything from this seller and when I have a few bucks to spend, I am definitely trying one of her diapers!!  She told me “I am better at diapers! I mostly make the taggies for gifts and for my son.”  So if she is better at diapers, they sure must be great!  I think a taggie blanket would be a really nice baby gift, especially if you worked with her to find a fabric that would match the nursery decor.

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