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Winner of the Fuzzi Bunz Mama Cloth Giveaway!

> has a very neat service for drawings.  However, the minimum fee is $4.95, so definitely not worth it for a giveaway this small!
Rather than go old school by putting names in a hat, I used the “true random number generator” on their home page.  I entered 1 as the “min” and 11 as the “max” since that was the number of entries.

    The lucky winner is entry #5, or LaughterHugs
Congratulations!  Be sure to contact me to claim your prize!
Stay tuned for reviews of Loopy Do and Super Do inserts, Guerilla Fluff, Dypes By Dixon, KK Designs, Snappi, Heartland Dreams and more, as well as several giveaways in April!

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