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Budget Hacks for Moms: 4 Ways to Escape the Financial Treadmill

Did you know that over a third (34%) of Americans have no savings whatsoever?

Another 35% have less than $1,000 in savings. That’s not enough to cover many car repairs, much less afford a 30-year retirement.

The average household savings rate in the U.S. in June (the most recent data available) was a paltry 3.8%. It’s no wonder Americans feel like they can’t get ahead, no matter how hard they work.

Too many American families are on this financial treadmill. They work and work and work, but never feel like they get anywhere financially, because nearly every penny they earn goes right back out the door.

If you want to give your household a kickstart, to pull ahead of these dismal averages, you need to get off this treadmill. Here are some family-oriented budget hacks that any mom can implement, to start spending less and saving more.

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