$2 Free Amazon MP3 Credit

Here’s another free MP3 credit from Amazon!

First, click here.

amazon free mp3 credit

Type something in the box (uncheck if you don’t want to receive emails) then click share & claim. If it’s your first free credit, you’ll need to allow the app, and at that point you can select “only me” for who can see the app.

amazon free mp3 credit

Once you see your confirmation, you’re all set! You’ll see the credit applied when you check out with your MP3.

Wondering how much credit you have? Click here to check your Amazon MP3 credit balance

check your amazon mp3 credit balance

Bookmark that link & you can see your balance any time.

Happy listening!

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  • Caitlin
    January 12, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Thanks for posting! The only time I download music is when Amazon give free credits 🙂

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