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5 Reasons You Definitely Shouldn’t Use Cloth Diapers

5 Reasons Not to Use Cloth Diapers

It may seem a bit strange coming from me, but there are some telltale signs that cloth diapers aren’t for you.

You love late night store runs – It makes your night when you pull out that last package of disposables from the closet, and realize your child outgrew that size 4 months ago. So, off to the store you go instead of grabbing a fresh cloth diaper from the pile. Although, if you thrive on stress you can always wait until you’re down to your last cloth diaper before starting a load of laundry.

Blowouts are part of your routine – The 10 AM disposable diaper blowout that sends poop up your childs back, reminds you it’s bath time. The drippage onto your last clean pair of yoga pants (OK they aren’t clean but they’re clean enough. Stop judging me!) motivates you to finally start a load of laundry. Like clockwork, those blowouts keep you on track!

You hate having extra money in your budget – Spending thousands of dollars on disposable diapers sounds great to you. What do you need extra spending money for anyway? Well, cloth diapers would still probably work in that case since you can always just buy every single new release and cute print. Hmm…

Boring is your jam – If adorable prints and a rainbow of colors sound awful, maybe cloth diapers aren’t for you. Wait…you can get plain white cloth diapers too, so never mind. This one doesn’t really work either, huh?

You have no interest in a village – The cloth diaper community is filled with a diverse group of moms (and some dads, grandparents and other caregivers too). If a group of caring and supportive people sounds terrible, and the idea of an instant bond when you see another cloth diapering family in public sounds miserable, cloth diapers may not be for you. Oh but wait, you really don’t have to be a part of online cloth diaper groups and you can certainly cloth diaper for any number of reasons without letting it take over your life (maybe, ha). Ok never mind on that one too then!

So there you have it. The “4 C’s” (no, I’m not talking about diamonds). Convenience, cost, cuteness, and community are 4 wonderful things about cloth diapers and I just can’t find a way to ruin them. I guess you’ll just have to try cloth diapers.

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