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5 Reasons I Think My Toddler is Goldilocks

5 reasons my toddler is like goldilocks via @chgdiapers

One day I jokingly said “c’mon Goldilocks” to my son, who has lovely blonde hair that shimmers like gold in the sun. The more I thought about it, the more I realized he and Goldilocks were cut from the same cloth.

5 reasons my son is like goldilocks via @chgdiapers

1. He has to sit on every single chair. If we’re in a doctor’s waiting room, he sits on each chair at least twice before settling on one. I find it pretty amusing.

2. He’s always in someone’s bed! Daddy’s bed, brother’s bed, sister’s bed…you can often find him giggling under the covers. (Furniture stores are heaven for him!)

3. The kid’s a scavenger. Unattended food will be sampled. Hot, cold or just right, he’ll probably eat it all up!

4. Wandering in the forest into a stranger’s house is just his style. He’s quick, he’s quiet and he has no fear. We have chain locks on our exterior doors, not to keep people out, but to keep him in.

5. He breaks stuff. Gleefully rocking in a chair until is was in pieces sounds about right. Of course, he’d probably say “sowee mommy” and help me fix it.

What fairytale character would your little one be? 🙂

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