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American Girl Bistro & Ritz-Carlton Package – Our Experience

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 1

I paid full price for the mentioned services. I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own. I have taken my daughter to the American Girl Store in Tyson’s twice (we’re about an hour away). We got her doll’s ears pierced, hair done, and my pregnant (at the time) self sweat like crazy while she looked around. However, we had never been to the Bistro since I didn’t plan ahead and you needed reservations. She just turned 11 and I really wanted to do this before she was “too old” for dolls. She and her friends still love dolls and that is fine by me. Better dolls than boys. 😉

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 2 doll chair

My daughter’s doll even got her own little chair to use!

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 3 menu Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 4 menu

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 5 menu Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 6 menu

I think they did a great job of offering menu items that both kids and adults will like.

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 7 menu

Lunch includes a fountain drink or lemonade, choice of appetizer and main course for $17 per person. We opted for the birthday package which was $20 for adults and $30 for kids (I think it was worth it).

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 8 doll cup to take home Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 9 hair tie napkin ring to take home

The doll received her own cup and saucer to take home, and the napkin rings were hair ties to take home. I appreciated that the waitress told us we were allowed to keep them so we didn’t have to ask!

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 10 fruit fondue Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 11 caprese salad

My daughter chose the fruit fondue and I the caprese salad. (Yummy.)

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 12 ceiling Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 13 lights

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 14 decor Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 15 inside bistro

The bistro was nicely decorated and everything was pink pink pink! 🙂

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 16 birthday package Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 17 birthday package

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 18 birthday package

While we were waiting for the main course, my daughter and her doll received special birthday girl crowns.

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 19 mac and cheese Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 20 salmon

My daughter chose the mac & cheese and I chose the salmon. It was yummy and well portioned.

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 21 cake Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 22 cake

The birthday package included a small cake (with 11 candles!) and the server and I sang to her. We each got a small slice of cake and some ice cream, and they boxed up the cake for us to take home.

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 23 birthday gift Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 24 birthday gift
Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 25 birthday gift

At the end of our meal my daughter received a goodie bag with a wand, a t-shirt for her doll and a little pretend cupcake. I think this was a very nice gift and between that and the cake, the extra $16 for the birthday package was well worth it! Our total after tax and before tip was $53. Definitely not cheap nor an everyday thing but it was fun and special.

Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 26 doll holders in stalls Lunch at @American_Girl bistro tysons 27 doll holder near sink

The restroom had doll holders in the stalls and near the sink!

I decided to make this an overnight trip for us and we stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Tyson’s Corner under the American Girl package, which cost an additional $20. The hotel was about a 5 minute drive from the American Girl store and is connected to Tyson’s Galleria. There are restaurants and a Starbucks in the mall but most of the stores are more high-end. If I had this to do over, I wouldn’t do it on a Saturday night because nothing opened until 11 so we were bored in the morning. I wasn’t able to get nail appointments at the hotel spa and they said you had to be 18 for a facial (weird but OK!) We didn’t bring swimsuits but there is an indoor pool as well.

@American_Girl package at the @RitzCarlton Tysons 1

Here’s what makes the package worth it. It includes a fold out doll bed, blanket and pillow. A similar bed sells for $48 at the store! It wasn’t really clear if we were allowed to keep the bed. I asked a girl at the desk if the doll bed was “just for the night” and she said yes. I was pretty baffled then what exactly we were getting for the extra $20 so the next morning I called the desk and asked straight out “is the doll bed the hotel’s property or do we get to keep it” and she said we could keep it.

@American_Girl package at the @RitzCarlton Tysons 2

We also received a “personalized welcome letter.” We didn’t use the shuttle service but we were able to get our parking deck tickets validated at the front desk. We also received cookies & milk at turn down.

@American_Girl package at the @RitzCarlton Tysons 3

We were near the end of the hallway but it was still quite loud and I didn’t get much sleep. When people were in the hallway it sounded like they were in our room unless the heater fan was running. Someone was also apparently drag racing outside our window during the night.

@American_Girl package at the @RitzCarlton Tysons 4 @American_Girl package at the @RitzCarlton Tysons 5
@American_Girl package at the @RitzCarlton Tysons 6

The room was nice enough but I guess I was expecting something “fancier” from “The Ritz.”

@American_Girl package at the @RitzCarlton Tysons 8 @American_Girl package at the @RitzCarlton Tysons 9
@American_Girl package at the @RitzCarlton Tysons 10

There was a mini bar (we didn’t not use it of course – $$$) and a mini coffee maker with the typical terrible hotel coffee and some tea.

@American_Girl package at the @RitzCarlton Tysons 11 @American_Girl package at the @RitzCarlton Tysons 12

My daughter had an absolute blast but if I had it to do over I’d probably stay at the Hyatt, which is attached to the Tyson’s Corner mall and also offers an American Girl package, is considerably cheaper and includes breakfast!

Have you been to an American Girl Bistro?

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