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Post contains single affiliate link as indicated. I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own. I was pretty amazed by how far baby gear had come between the time I had my now 9 year old, and when my 2 1/2 year old was born. Some of the baby gear available now almost makes me want to have another baby (almost!)


A far cry from the clunky plastic gear that was available years ago, BabyHome offers sleek, colorful products that would fit right into any home.

The eat high chair has a simple design, and is available in Red, Black, Green, Purple, Navy, Brown, Turquoise, Sand and now also Clay, Graphite and Mint. It’s lightweight, has a removable tray, and removable, washable pads. The chair’s stable base and 5 point harness can accommodate children up to 55 pounds, and it folds flat when not in use. They really didn’t overlook any details, even adding plastic on the legs to avoid scratching your floors.

Their portable bassinet weighs just 13 pounds, has hidden wheels, and the leg position can be easily changed to rock baby. Best of all (in my opinion) the fabric can be removed and washed. I’m sensing a theme here. I guess my kids are messy! 2014 brings new colors, as well as a premium version made with perforated leather and polished black aluminum, wow!


Another product I think is pretty cool is their Side Light bed rail. It’s safe and secure, folds down completely when needed, and has mesh to make it easy to peek in on your child. Guess what? The fabric is washable! That thrills me (I am not even joking.) If you have ever had a child get sick in bed, you will understand why.

It’s the tallest bed rail on the market, making it a great choice for pillow top beds. What makes it really unique is the built in LED light, which has a rechargable battery. Push the button to turn on the light and it will stay on for 30 minutes. Pretty neat!

The entire BabyHome line includes a stroller, bassinet, highchair, bed rails and a wood collection that includes a mini cradle and a bounce chair. You can find BabyHome products at (affiliate link.)

What do you think of Babyhome’s gear?

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