Biggest Puppy Bed Ever – LoveSac Giant Bean Bag

I paid regular price for these items. I was not asked to write this post nor was I compensated to do so. If you use my referral link to make a purchase I receive a discount on my next order. When we were house shopping, the one thing my husband wanted was a giant bean bag chair (well, that and dirt jumps in the backyard – that’s another post!) First, I tried buying from a Facebook ad and well…here’s how that worked out.

What arrived was a cheap, chemical-smelling, albeit large, blanket with a zipper. Enter the LoveSac…

I managed to catch LoveSac when they were having a Black Friday sale, and was able to combine a military/first responder discount. The total cost of the insert was $641.25 which *gulp* but it meant that when we were couch shopping we weren’t going to buy a love seat. They had an overwhelming number of cover options and I ended up settling on the “BigOne Cover: Dark Sterling Luxe Chenille” which was $195.94 after discount.

The LoveSac comes in several sizes but I decided to go big or go home with the BigOne!

Neither of us thought to take pictures of it when it arrived but it did come completely compressed in a super heavy duffle bag with instructions on how to get it to expand. It took some manipulating and patience but it did fluff up!

Since the cover was made to order and took extra time to arrive we threw a blanket over it, and ended up deciding to leave it on since it’s easier to wash the dog smell off a blanket than to remove the cover (though they are washable!)

When you fluff it, it’s a huge mountain, and you can make your perfect spot. My husband likes it to be flat like a doughnut, lol.

This thing is big enough for the whole family to snuggle up!

My dog thinks we bought this giant puppy bed just for her.

The Durafoam fill is basically sleepy juice. Even if you’re not a napper you might nod off in this thing! Everyone who has been to our house, including plumbers and repair people, want one after they see it! It was definitely a big of a splurge but we are really happy with it. The inserts ship for free, come with a 60-day trial, and are guaranteed for life. If you’ve been considering one, get it!

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