I Bought an Ipsy Glam Bag – Here’s What I Thought


I purchased the bag myself. If you click & buy I may receive points for referring you. I’d heard about Ipsy here and there, and for just $10/month including shipping (or $110 for a year’s worth), I thought it would be worth trying.

When I signed up on August 29th, I received an email that I was on a waiting list. It was a bit of an impulse to go ahead and do this, so I emailed and asked to just cancel; I didn’t want to wait. I received a reply that there was a space and I’d receive the September bag. On September 12th I received a shipping confirmation and on September 14th it was in my mailbox.


Once it shipped, I was able to go into my account and see what was sent, though I didn’t know the nail polish color until it arrived.


Their website says bags are about a $55 value, but I don’t really see that. The samples are about the size of a Sephora or department store deluxe sample, which you can get free quite often. Only the nail polish was “full size” and it wasn’t really a color I liked. I got the polish, a face scrub (like that a lot), a toner (smells great but not really something I’ll use), a liquid eyeliner (have not and will not ever use this but I think my mother-in-law might want it) and a mascara. I like the mini mascaras because I usually have to throw mascara out before I use it all and I’m always down for trying a new brand. This bag reminded me a lot of the Clinique gift-with-purchase items. I used to buy their soap, pressed powder and a few other things, and I’d stock up during the GWP. Since it was free, I had no problem giving away or trashing things that I didn’t love.

I think the surprise factor is fun but I’d prefer to have the option to specifically choose my samples from what’s available that month. I’m a bit of a minimalist and I’m picky about what I bring into my house. Of course, I love to sample new products but if it isn’t love, they’re gone. That’s tough to do when you’re paying for them. If I were able to choose from a group of available samples (and get an extra sample instead of yet another bag) I’d be more likely to do it again for myself.

I initially decided to cancel. Canceling was fairly easy but required several steps. Pop up after pop up to confirm, confirm. I had to do it about 4 times because, on the very last pop up, the big pink button was actually to not cancel and my instinct was to hit the big button, not the little link to actually cancel. I couldn’t help myself and did it several times.


FINALLY I canceled. Then I had to confirm via email. Then I got an email confirming my cancellation. After all the time it took me to do that, I decided to reactivate and swap all the preferences to make the bag for my daughter instead. Facepalm. I don’t understand myself either.

I changed my preferences to request only lip balm, lip gloss, skin care and other things I think she could use. Hopefully, they don’t send foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick etc. I’m pretty sure no matter what they send, she will love it. For whatever reason, I have no problem spending $10 on her for this! I doubt we’ll do it for long since you can only use so many bags and samples but I know my daughter is going to be thrilled when she finds out I bought one just for her (I gave her the bag and most of the items this month).

Have you ever done Ipsy? What did you think?

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  • lisa otto
    September 22, 2018 at 2:21 pm

    I received my first Ipsy an I love it.Can’t wait till next months

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