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Britax Frontier 90 Combination Car Seat with Click Tight

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I purchased this item myself. I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links. When I was just a few weeks pregnant with my 5 year old, I got an amazing deal on two Britax Marathons. One was my daughter’s spare until her original seat expired, then it became her primary seat. The other was my son’s, and he inherited hers as well when she outgrew it. We got tons of use out of them, but they expire this month. My son is nowhere near ready for a booster so I researched & eventually settled on Britax combination seats.

I ended up choosing the Britax Frontier 90 for $234 from Amazon. Cheap? No. However with the weight & height limits, as well as 9-year expiration, I know my son will get tons of use out of it, and it may be the last seat I need to buy, either for him or his younger brother. One feature I was really looking forward to checking out was the click tight.

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Like my younger son’s Pavilion it has a no-rethread harness where you just squeeze and raise or lower the harness.

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There are two buckle positions, and it was surprisingly easy to change. A nice feature is that the buckle sits in the forward position to avoid the “lift your butt!” where’s the buckle wrestling.

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To use click tight, you squeeze two little buttons and voila, the seat lifts revealing the LATCH and the belt path.

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This feature is insanely easy to use and I am totally in love with it. I actually find that a seatbelt install is easier than latch, and elected to install it this way, even though my son is still under the weight limit to use LATCH. You simply open the click tight, run the belt through (no fishing around), remove slack (no overtightening or muscle work needed) then close the click tight. Without breaking a sweat you get a rock solid install in a minute flat.

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On the back is the tether which bundles up so it isn’t flopping around during transport.

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The seat can be used as a harnessed, forward facing seat for kids 2+ years and 25-90 pounds (30-58″.) When they’ve outgrown harness mode, it can be used as a high back booster for kids 40-120 pounds and 45-62″. You don’t have to remove & re-install the straps to switch from harness to booster and back. They tuck in pretty easily and are out of the way without making the seat lumpy.

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First my husband installed the seat with LATCH. His only complaint was that since my son is on the passenger side of the vehicle, the English instructions and the tightening strap were both on the wrong side for him. Even so he got it without much trouble.

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After he installed it, I had my son sit in it again (I had him sit in the kitchen so I could adjust the harness height.) I started to wonder if it was maybe a little too low (should be at or above the shoulders), since it seemed to be right at his shoulders. I uninstalled it to move it up one as shown in the picture below, but decided to go back down after I took the pictures. You do have to remove the seat to adjust the harness but fortunately it’s pretty simple to do.

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My son loves that it looks like a big kid seat and even has arm rests & cup holders! It would be nice if it also became a low-back booster but I think by the time he’s finished with this he’ll either be booster-free or able to use a discreet booster.

My husband wasn’t satisfied with cutting the straps, writing “expired” on the shell, and tossing the expired seat, as we did last time. He had a little fun re-enacting the printer destruction scene from Office Space (or was it a fax machine?)

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I had a little trouble releasing the click tight but found that if I pressed down on the seat, it opened easily. Someone else on my Facebook page pointed out that you could also release slack from the belt or latch, but that hadn’t occurred to me! It is going to make life so much easier to get a secure, tight install when switching from my car to my husband’s.

The Britax Frontier 90 has an MSRP of $329 but is currently $264 on Amazon. It’s a bit of an investment but as I said earlier, it will likely be the last seat we buy!

Have you tried Britax Click Tight?

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