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Bumkins Superbibs and BPA Free Playtex Toddler Utensils Review

bumkins bibs

My daughter turned 6 in February. When I was choosing baby stuff during my pregnancy with her, things sure were different. I feel like an old lady telling “back in my day” stories, but it’s true! Gender neutral stroller/pack & play/high chair choices were navy blue plaid or navy blue plaid. The number of gadgets and baby doo-dads have grown exponentially.

We also had no idea about BPA. We ended up pitching a lot of the stuff we had saved from her toddler years. Plates, bowls, cups, utensils… I didn’t know what the BPA status of the stuff was, and some of it looked odd after being stored in basements and attics so long.

bumkins bibs waterproof superbib

I never did find a bib I liked for her either. I liked the pocket style bibs, and ones that were a bit larger, but nothing was quite right. Most just had a small square of velcro to close them, so they left a big gap at her teeny neck. The “wipeable” ones I had were some sort of vinyl, so most certainly chemical filled, and while they were not machine washable, they also had an edging of a cottony material, so they got filthy and were nearly impossible to clean!

I found these Bumkins Superbibs at ToysRUs. They seemed kind of pricey at $6.49 each, but they were on sale for $5.49. Bumkins also has smaller bibs, junior bibs, sleeved bibs, and super sized bibs. They are Lead Safe, PVC, BPA, Phthalate & Vinyl Free.

bumkins bibs patterns

They come in lots of adorable patterns!

bumkins bibs closures

There is a lot of play in the closure, to fit your baby no matter what his/her size. I had picked up these two thinking that I’d get a few more if I liked them, but I didn’t need to! These are truly wipeable, machine machable, and hang dry in a snap. I can easily use the same bib all day and wipe it as needed.

bumkins bibs dr seuss

The texture of the material is perfect, it’s not so slick that something like yogurt will slide right off, and the pocket does a great job of catching food that misses the old mouth! We have been using these bibs for well over a year now and they still look brand new!

playtex utensils 2playtex utensils

I bought the Playtex Toddler Utensils at Target for $4.19 for each set of fork/spoon. They are BPA and Phthlate free and are ergonomically shaped so they are easy to hold.

The spoon is shallow, almost flattened, so it makes it really easy for the baby to get the food off of the spoon. The forks have a little bit of a scoop to them, so they are easy for babies to use, since the poke food with your fork skill takes some time!

They are also dishwasher safe (WOO HOO) and have held up wonderfully!

FTC compliance: I paid normal retail prices for the above items. I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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