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This ain’t your Grandma’s diaper!

>While you can still get prefold diapers, pins and plastic “pants,” cloth diapers are more like disposables than ever.

My head was swimming with the options, this doesn’t even touch on all of them.

I finally decided that to make it easiest on myself and my hubby, I’d pick pocket diapers.  They resemble disposables, in that they can be purchased with velcro closures and do not require a separate waterproof cover.

All in ones are probably the simplest in terms of use, since all you have to do is wash, dry & reuse, but the “soaker” is sewn into the diaper, rather than being stuffed into a pocket in a pocket diaper (clever name, eh?)

I liked the idea of being able to easily customize the absorbency of the diaper, and to be able to remove the absorbent material for more thorough cleansing and easier drying.

Next, I had to figure out which brand.

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Cloth Diapers

Um, what?

>When I was expecting my daughter 5 years ago, a friend gave me some info on cloth diapers.  I thought about it, but quickly dismissed them.  I was about to be someone’s MOM for heavens sakes!!  I was already going to have to learn and do so much, I just wasn’t up for cloth.

Before I had even conceived my son, I started some serious research, feeling fairly confident I was up for the challenge, having survived motherhood round 1.

After chickening out & false starts, I finally did it!

Follow me through the good, bad and the smelly, as I figure this thing out!

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