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Time to give the Blueberry another look-see

>I’ve been working on my wish list, not because I think I will get any of it, but because it is fun to window shop and to dream!

In looking, I’ve been delving deeper into different websites and darned if I didn’t find excellent info on the Blueberry diaper insert! 

Isn’t their logo cute?

Looks pretty easy, though I will have to look more closely at the illustrations with the insert in my hands, when I am a little more awake!

I also learned that I was supposed to wash and dry the insert 3-4 times separatelyOopsie.  I was just washing it over & over.  Also discovered that the microfiber portion is to face the baby.
They sell the doublers & inserts separately as well.  I’m thinking one of these might be the ticket to make the Cooshie Tooshie pocket I have work for us.
They also make swaddlebees.  Another adorable logo!
Look, the cute wittle bee is wearing a wee little diaper!  I’m a total sucker for cute-ness.
To be honest, I’m not really sure what the difference between the Swaddlebees Econappi and the standard Blueberry Deluxe diapers are, though Blueberry has a LOT more to choose from (ok I see Blueberry referred to as the “fashion forward” line of Swaddlebees.  Darn, my stupid champagne tastes & beer budget even follow me into the diapering world!)  Swadlebees also has fitted diapers and prefolds, wool diaper covers and wraps among other covers and accessories.  So, a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone.
They have adorable little training pants too.
(Squee!  Seriously, how cute are those?!) They look & feel like undies, but have a bit of absorbency.  Way better than disposable trainers, which are really just pull up diapers in my opinion.  Ok subject change, need to stop thinking about having to potty train a boy!
They also sell mama cloth including a stay dry type.  I never, ever in a million years thought I would even consider using that sort of product but, well, the more I learn about it the more interested I am.
This is a good read.  It explains a lot about what Blueberry diapers are made with and why they cost a little more.   I am really glad to know this is a Mommy made company!
I have to say, I have been writing to several companies to ask permission to use their images in my blog for my upcoming “wish list” post, and I have been very impressed with the customer service received from all, Blueberry included!
Images used with permission!.
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Twisting my arm

>Just got an email that Kelly’s Closet will offer free shipping on any size order tomorrow for Cyber Monday.  As of today the deal is free shipping with a $40 purchase and code 5FORBLOG.

If the Rumparooz Lil Monster Print and Happy Heiny’s Peace Bears Print are still on sale and still available, it’s a sign and I’m buying them!

I haven’t tried the rumparooz, but they (like the HH) have an extra-small setting, making them more useful for an ickle little tiny newborn.  I’m still assuming I can get my hubby to catch the baby fever in two years or so.

Their prints are adorable too!  They’re both one size pocket diapers.

Edit Sunday night:  Boo-hoo!  They aren’t on sale anymore!  Guess I wasn’t meant to have them.  🙁

Images used with permission from Happy Heiny’s and Rumparooz

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Wanna Trade?

>Something common is people trading.

People can trade their good condition diapers for a larger size, or another brand that worked better.  Sometimes people trade new items they bought that didn’t work out for them.

Sometimes it actually reminds me more of bartering.  For example, someone who makes diaper detergent might send some to a mom who makes stuffed animals, in exchange for a handmade gift for her child.

Unfortunately I can’t think of anything to offer up right now, but it sounds like the perfect solution for me.  I need so many things like pail liners, wet bags etc.  I’m not picky about what they are or what they look like as long as they work for me.

I’m trying to only spend our money on the most important things that just can’t wait, and of course, that is diapers right now!

Like anything though, trade at your own risk & make sure to check out the person’s reputation and trading history, ask detailed questions and for detailed photos of the items and make sure all parties understand all terms of the trade!

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Free For Shipping!

>More beautiful words were never typed.

Lots of the moms in my cd groups make an sell dipes.  When they are tweaking or trying something new, they often look for people to test the diapers.  Usually they will charge the tester only for the materials & shipping, leading to a very inexpensive diaper and an excellent deal for the tester.

I’ve also discovered hyenacart, which is a site similar to etsy, where women (and men too I guess) can sell their handmade goods.

Some diaper companies have offered their tester diapers “FFS” or free for shipping.  The diaper is free, you just pay a reasonable shipping charge.  Other sellers offer items in this manner to promote their store & products.

Helloooooo new addiction (stalking for FFS) LOL.

My goal is to find the type/brand I really like of course, but I am really anxious to have enough diapers to CD full time, and some free for shipping diapers would sure make that possible faster!

Eventually I’d love to have enough to have a day’s worth washing/drying and another day’s worth ready to use.  Ideally I’d also have a few extras so I could keep some upstairs & some downstairs, have a few extra for those poops-in-it-as-soon-as-I-put-it-on days, or even to not have to wash every day!  But now I’m just dreaming!

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There are worse addictions, right? Right?

>Ok, maybe I have an addictive personailty.  I obsess over things and totally immerse myself in things I am interested in, turning everything into a project.  But holy crap are cloth diapers ever addictive!!

Cute prints, soft fabrics…I joined a group for sewing diapers, but I’m afraid to start, lest I get addicted to that too!

People make “baby legs” which are essentially leg warmers for babies.  At first I thought it was strange, but now I totally get it.  They put their baby in just a diaper & tshirt for comfort, easy diaper changes & to see that cute cloth booty.  But legs can get cold, knees need padding and *squee* you can coordinate the legs to the diaper!!

Must resist urge to coordinate clothing with diapers.

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