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Cloth Diaper Advice – Mailbox Mondays 4/22/13 – Lanolizing Wool

Lanolizing wool #clothdiapers covers via @chgdiapers

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Stephanie says:

Hi Maria. I have a question for Mailbox Monday. My daughter is a VERY heavy wetter. So naturally I thought I’d give wool a try. I have a Disana, Kiwi Pie and SBish wool covers. I lanolinized with Disana Lanolin, followed the directions. Did it to all three covers. They all leaked. Then I tried it again. They leaked again. What is going on? Any tips? Any sure fire ways to lanolinize that will work? Thanks!!

I’ve seen many tutorials for “easy” wool washing/lanolizing, but they all seem complicated compared to what I do!

I use Eucalan (affiliate link) to wash. It may seem expensive, but the bottle lasts forever. I use liquid lanolin to lanolize. That’s an Amazon link, but I found mine in the health & beauty section of my local organic store.

I used my utility sink (but you can use a shallow tub, plastic tote etc.) I add a squirt of liquid lanolin to hot water to dissolve the lanolin, then add enough lukewarm water to cover the wool. Add the wool and soak. I typically add the wool inside out (so the lanolin gets on the inside, and so I don’t end up with spots if I added too much lanolin) and let it soak, occasionally turning it over and squeezing it. Then I drain, gently press excess water out, then roll the wool between a few sets of towels, squeezing before laying flat to dry.

There are also spray lanolins you can get to add extra oomph to the wet zone. If you are still experiencing leaking, consider adding absorbency. If you are already using a super absorbent fitted, think about adding an insert between the fitted and the wool, rather than inside the fitted. Leg gap can lead to leaks. If your absorbent layer is completely saturated, you need to step up the absorbency.

How do you lanolize wool?

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