Mailbox Mondays Potty Training Training Pants

Cloth Diaper Advice – Mailbox Mondays 9/17/12 – Cloth Trainers for Daycare

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It’s time for another Mailbox Mondays submission. Read this mom’s question and chime in with your opinion!

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Shannon says:

About to start to potty train and don’t know where to start or what products to purchase. Of course, the ones that seem to have what I think I need are the most expensive (GroVia, Super Undies). then I see the prices on FuzziBunz and Kissaluvs and think maybe I should just get them.

Also, how many do we need?

We are in a daycare and can’t have even little leaks. We have been using BumGenius 4.0s since she was 4 weeks old.
Can you email me anything you have? I assume you have written or seen others write about it.

Hi Shannon! My review archive lists the training pants reviews I’ve done. For my son, we went from diapers to undies, but diapers can be difficult to get up/down. Most side snapping diapers can be used as trainers also.

If you need something with lots of absorbency, and also easy to use, a pocket trainer stuffed w/extra absorbency is great. In the beginning, the trainers will really be replacing diapers, so you’d most likely need the same # of trainers for daycare as you’d need of diapers. If your little one catches on quickly, you may end up only needing 1 or 2 per day!

Have you used cloth trainers? What was your favorite training pant? How many did you need?

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  • sus vandil
    September 18, 2012 at 1:40 am

    hmmm, if you cannot have any leaks i would stick to grovia and these really waterproof ones. maybe they can use the flip system, if you show them how to replace the inserts. that would be cheaper. but fuzzibunz are not supposed to hold a large pee or two, I think. maybe once he only has an accident per day. we have a couple grovia for when we are outside. at home i will go naked.
    PS. can’t say anything about kissaluvs. haven’t seen them yet. gotta check them out now.

  • September 17, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    The Kissaluvs worked great for us. That’s what I used for “out and about”, church nursery, etc. when I didn’t want any leaks. At home I used the Blueberry trainers, naked, Gerber underwear, or homemade underwear.
    I would maybe go for some side-snapping diapers, because you’d be able to use those for future babies or re-sell them more easily? I don’t know though!

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