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Cloth Training Pants – My Favorites & An Overview

Cloth training pants for #pottytraining via @chgdiapers

Choosing cloth training pants can be nearly as overwhelming as choosing cloth diapers. Styles can vary from essentially being larger diapers, to being slightly padded underwear. Each brand and style has its own merits, but I have found a few favorites.

I generally try to keep reviews objective, since every child is different and every family’s needs & preferences are different, but today I am sharing some of my favorite cloth training pants. If you’re looking for trainers, you might want to check out all my cloth trainer reviews, since my favorites may not be the same as your favorites!

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I love Kissaluvs Pocket Trainers for their trim fit and ability to be stuffed with more absorbency as needed. These are great for the beginning stages of potty learning, but can also function as just a backup if you do not add absorbency. They are also a good choice if you need larger diapers for your child, since you can stuff & use as a diaper, then use them as trainers later.

@Bummis Potty Pants Trainers for #pottytraining via @chgdiapers small 1
Bummis Potty Pants are a favorite for little ones in the “I do it myself!” stage. They have a very trim fit, and their stretchy sides not only make them super easy to pull up & down, but they make for a great fit on a wide range of shapes. Their built in absorbency isn’t quite enough for nap or night time, but is perfect to catch a full accident!

@blueberrydiaper training pants for #pottytraining via @chgdiapers 1
Going straight to underwear is a good choice, but sometimes it gets old to clean up puddles with every accident and/or have to do no pants or change pants with every accident too. Blueberry trainers are adorable little training pants that look like padded undies. They are soft, comfy and easy to pull up and down. They have just a bit of absorbency and also have a hidden PUL layer, so you can catch an accident without having a big mess to clean up.

Though I don’t dislike any of the brands I’ve used, these 3 are my favorites for how they fit my guys. All 3 of these brands are in the same price range: $14.95 for the Kissaluvs and $15.95 for the Bummis or Blueberry.

10/2014 addition:


If you have an older child/bedwetter I highly recommend Super Undies bedwetter pants/night time undies.

Here are some stats on others I’ve tried:

Brand Style Sizes Size Range Features Price
Kissaluvs Pocket 2T or 3T 20-40 lbs Side Snaps, Trim, Built in Absorbency, Stuffable Pocket, Printed Inners $14.95
Snap EZ Pocket Child Med-Adult XL Approx 2T-Adult Stuffable pocket, side snaps, no insert included, wide size range, sizing has changed since I reviewed, measure your child & compare to size chart $20 and up
Flip Cover and inserts One Size 18 mo-4T/20-50 lbs Stretchy sides, side snaps, fun colors/prints, swappable side panels, waist and rise adjustments, organic cotton inserts can be swapped out after an accident minimizing the cost $17.95/shell, $17.95 3 inserts, $29.95 shell & 3 inserts
Super Undies Pocket Small-XL 2T through 9-12 years Stuffable pocket with built in absorbency, back snaps, super hero inspired look, wide size range. Night time, pull on and bedwetter styles also available. $19.99 + $4.50 for inserts
Sprout Change All in One One Size 2T-5T/20-50 lbs Side snaps, organic or stay dry, built in absorbency, works as a diaper for bigger kids $18.95
Bummis Pull On Small-Large 18-35 lbs Trim fit, stretchy sides, easy to pull on, built in absorbency $15.95
EcoPosh Padded Underwear Small-Large 1T-3T+ Made from recycled materials, easy pull on style, 2 layers of absorbency plus hidden TPU $15.95
Sloomb Padded Underwear Sizes 1-3 12 mo-3+ years/20-46 lbs Knit viscose from bamboo/cotton blend, fleece in wet zone to catch small accident, easy to pull up and down. Loose underwear fit, small was too generously sized for my petite child $18.00
Blueberry Padded Underwear Small-Large 22-43 lbs Underwear fit, easy to pull up & down, cute prints, built in absorbency & hidden PUL to catch small accidents $15.95

Do you have a favorite brand of cloth training pants?

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  • Amy
    September 3, 2015 at 8:03 am

    MamaBear BabyWear makes one size fits all snap on/off pull ups!

  • Mary S.
    August 1, 2014 at 11:22 pm

    We just bought a Kissaluvs trainer; I’m excited to try it and I hope we get a lot of use out of it. I’m thinking it will be great for naps since you can add absorbency.

  • Melissa C.
    January 22, 2014 at 1:50 pm

    We love our Grovia trainers. You should give them a try!

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