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Cloth Wipe Cupcake Tutorial – Fluffin Awesome

Cloth Wipe Cupcake Tutorial via @chgdiapers #fluffinawesome

These cloth wipe cupcakes are easy to make, and look adorable when boxed up (check the cake aisle of the craft store for windowed boxes that hold 4 or more cupcakes.) You can even use these as decorations at the shower!

#clothdiapers #babyshower gift ideas via @chgdiapers 1 cloth wipe cupcakes#clothdiapers #babyshower gift ideas via @chgdiapers 2

I used Thirsties Fab wipes, Rainbow loom rubber bands, cupcake liners and red ribbon.

#clothdiapers #babyshower gift ideas via @chgdiapers 3 materials

Fold the wipe until you have a long, narrow strip, then roll up and secure with a rubber band.

#clothdiapers #babyshower gift ideas via @chgdiapers 4#clothdiapers #babyshower gift ideas via @chgdiapers 5
#clothdiapers #babyshower gift ideas via @chgdiapers 6#clothdiapers #babyshower gift ideas via @chgdiapers 7

You can use a piece of ribbon as a “cherry”, roll up a red sock (begin at the bottom so it ends up in the middle) or just leave them plain.

#clothdiapers #babyshower gift ideas via @chgdiapers 8#clothdiapers #babyshower gift ideas via @chgdiapers 9
#clothdiapers #babyshower gift ideas via @chgdiapers 10

This works with prefolds, small wet bags and newborn covers as well (used near the top of my shower decoration), though they aren’t quite as pretty.

Cupcakes look best when you fold the corner of the loose end down, so it looks like tapered icing.

Have I made you crave a cupcake? 😉

#clothdiapers #babyshower gift ideas via @chgdiapers 11

#FluffinAwesome #clothdiapers #babyshower via @chgdiapers

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