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Cottonbabies Unveils New Bumgenius / Flip Print Osa

Bumgenius Osa

Dare to Discover – Osa:

Osa Johnson was an American author, explorer, photographer, filmmaker and naturalist. With her husband, Martin Johnson, by her side, she explored and documented the unknown lands of Africa, South Pacific Islands and more. Together, they captivated the world with their discoveries, photography, films and books. In 1940, Osa published her best-seller, I Married Adventure, which was listed in the Best Books of the Decade, 1936-1945. Her work continues to inspire, and is displayed at the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum.

Osa is exhibiting in bumGenius and Flip Cloth Diapers. Capture this wild print before it is extinct!

bumgenius osa

The diaper was under the “new products” tab at 11:30 A.M. Eastern today (12/16) but quickly disappeared. Not before many Cottonbabies Flash Mob members grabbed screen shots! I took the screen grab above (Elemental) to share with my Facebook fans, then went back to try to get a better photo since this one was rather blurry, but it had disappeared! A few retailers either posted info about it on Facebook, their blog, or via newsletter as well but it sounds like the release intended to be 12:30 P.M. Eastern and putting the diapers up on the Cottonbabies site was an error.

The site was down for maintenance as Bumgenius fans anxiously waited!

Jimmy Labit Humor

I definitely got a chuckle out of their “site maintenance” message! The site came back up shortly before 12:30 and the diapers were visible again shortly thereafter.

osa genius tee

Osa is available for purchase NOW from Cottonbabies (along with a matching Genius tee!), and will be landing at retailers soon.

What do you think of the print?

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  • Carissa
    December 16, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    They are killing me with these black and whites. I have ALWAYS wanted Eiffel Tower, my friend was awesome enough to surprise me with a Martin & now this. gah! I like it!

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