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ergoPouch Swaddle & Sleep Sacks Receive “Hip-Healthy” Designation

Ergo Pouch

ergoPouch Swaddles, Sleep Sacks & Sleep Suits have received the “hip-healthy” designation from The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI), ergoPouch is an Australian company creating swaddles, sleep sacks and sleep suits using natural fibers.

Products are designed to allow secure swaddles without the danger of wrapping baby’s legs too tightly. Rather, they allow the legs to bend at the hips, promoting natural development of hip joints.

The ergonomic design of the ergoCocoon and Aircocoon keep babies snug but have stretchy fabric with a bell shaped bottom allowing baby to move his legs and assume the natural “frog-leg” position. Babies with hip dysplasia can even wear their brace inside the swaddle!

Products are available in organic cotton, bamboo or merino in sizes from birth to 6 years.

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