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Fluffin’ Awesome Cloth Diaper Baby Shower Decorations

#fluffinawesome #clothdiapers #babyshower decor via @chgdiapers

Participating bloggers were compensated for their time. Post contains affiliate links. I love crafting, and when we lived just a few minutes from the craft store, my wallet was hurting. There are loads of baby shower decorations available for purchase, but why not make your own?

#FluffinAwesome #clothdiapers #babyshower via @chgdiapers

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You may have guessed that I enjoy the versatility of scrapbook paper — I cut onesie shapes and strung them on twine for my garland above.

baby shower favors baby shower favors
baby shower favors

You can make really cute favor tags with the onesies (I hand painted the ones above) — get some tiny clothespins from the craft store, pin the favors onto the twine as garland, and guests can take one as they leave!

baby shower favors

Cupcake stands can be elegant with things that are not cupcakes! For a cousin’s baby shower, I put the favors in a cupcake stand beside the cake, for a pretty display. For this “shower” I used cloth wipe cupcakes (tutorial coming Friday.) Two of my “cupcakes” are extra goodies – a small wet bag and a newborn cover.

#fluffinawesome #babyshower decor - cupcakes via @chgdiapers

Why not make the decorations the gift?

Hang a clothes line inside, and clip cloth diapers, onesies, washcloths and more for a cute look and gifts the mom-to-be can take home. Is the shower a surprise? Ask guests to come early and bring something small to clip on the line!

#fluffinawesome #clothdiapers #babyshower decor via @chgdiapers

In the photo above, I’ve made cloth wipe cupcakes, which the new mom can take home. The “tablecloth” is a swaddling blanket for her (with a table runner over top) and I’ve filled the little wash tub with small goodies for her. Stack gifts in the back as guests arrive!

Have you seen a unique baby shower decor idea?

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