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Geffen Baby 100% Cotton Fitted Diaper Review

Geffen Baby Fitted Review

Bianca received free product for review. All opinions are her own. I was so happy when I was asked to review a couple of Geffen Baby products! Change-Diapers is where I actually heard of Geffen for the first time and I am super excited to review the Geffen Baby 100% Cotton Fitted Diaper!

At this point in our cloth diapering journey we have tried a lot of brands and products, including Geffen. Their Hemp Fleece Fladdle (Flat/Swaddle) is one of our favorite in our stash. We like to use the Fladdle folded up in a pocket diaper as in insert or folded up in a cover as an insert. It holds so much and is great quality. We also use their Fleece Prefold Diaper and the Quick Absorbers. I have used these products through TWO kids in cloth and they still have plenty of life.

Geffen Baby Fitted Review Geffen Baby Fitted Review

(Before the fitted was washed and prepped)


I received the Red Edged 100% Cotton Fitted Diaper to review. Red edge is the size LARGE which is estimated to fit 21 to 30+ pounds. The Geffen Fitted Diaper comes in 4 different sizes.  XS/Newborn (Orange Edge), Small (Navy Edge), Medium (Green Edge), and the Large (Red Edge). Since it’s a fitted, it does require a cover to be waterproof. It’s also closure-less, you could use boingos, snappis, or just a cover. As I show you later on in this review… I used safety pins. But more on that later. There were no prepping instructions. So I just simply threw the new diaper in the wash with my diaper laundry, washed and then threw it in the dryer on medium heat.

Geffen Baby Fitted Review Geffen Baby Fitted Review Geffen Baby Fitted Review

(After washed and prepped)

My Lucy is 3 years old and uses cloth diapers at night. She is around 42 inches tall and around 28ish lbs. Even though she was almost at the max weight limit for the diaper (30+ lbs), it fit her comfortably with room to spare. I decided to pair the fitted with a Sweet Pea One Size Diaper Cover. It’s one of my favorite covers and they are super durable and very stretchy and still fit Lucy great!

So I knew the fitted has no snaps and was closure-less. But what my pregnancy brain failed to realized, was that I had no snappis or boingos in the house! No snappis, no boingos, no problem, I knew we had some safety pins! Now I used the safety pins for picture purposes only. These safety pins were not true diaper safety pins, and I wasn’t comfortable leaving the pins on the diaper under the cover overnight, so I just used them for the pictures in this review. I actually just ended up folding the wings over and snapping the cover closed and that worked just as great!

Geffen Baby Fitted Review Geffen Baby Fitted Review Geffen Baby Fitted Review

Geffen Baby Fitted Review Geffen Baby Fitted Review Geffen Baby Fitted Review

The fitted and the cover were a fabulous fit for Lucy. It was super trim and not tight at all! We had a mini photo shoot and off to sleep she went. When she woke up the next morning she was dry from the outside. She had not leaked. Which is always a good sign when using any overnight cloth diaper, no matter the brand or style. I got her changed and noticed the back of the diaper wasn’t completely soaked! She’s not a heavy wetter by any means, but it was great to see some of the diaper still dry. Overall, we loved the Geffen Cotton Fitted and can’t wait to use it again!

You can shop for Geffen Baby fitteds at

What is your favorite Geffen Baby product?

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Bianca Munoz
Bianca is a full time working mom. Her family's cloth diaper journey began 5 years ago, and has been involved with the community ever since. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband and three children.

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