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Great New Products for Mom & Baby at #ABCKids15

I’ve been home from ABC for 3 weeks and I still haven’t shared all my photos with you! Check out my cloth diapers at the ABC Kids Expo, babywearing products at ABC and Cottonbabies at ABC posts if you haven’t already, then read on for tons of mom & baby items!

This was my first time seeing the 4Moms Mamaroo and Rockaroo in person so I took a video for you. I wish these had been around when I had my babies!

The mamaroo and rockaroo from @4moms_hq are amazing! I wish I'd had one for my kids! #abckids15

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Babyhome gave me a tour of their new strollers. The Vida is taller, wider and more versatile overall than their Emotion stroller. It has a height adjustable handlebar, 180 degree recline and an extra canopy position. The shock absorbent wheels, mesh side windows and zipper off seat cover make it a great stroller. You can use the Vida for children 0-4 years old (up to 55 pounds) and the optional Nest kit turns it into a newborn stroller.

babyhome vida stroller

The Balm Baby booth also featured their Taylor’s Naturals products.

Balm Baby at #ABCKids15

Check out the brand new line of women’s care products: Punani Paste, Woo Woo Wash and Muffin Mist.

Balm Baby at #ABCKids15 2

B. Box has a great collection of chevron print items, mesh feeders and this very cool travel drying rack that folds almost flat to fit in your diaper bag.

BBbox Chevron

bbox mesh feeders bbox travel drying rack 2

We found their sippy cups when our now 6 year old was a baby and loved them. The silicone straw was an easy transition for our breastfed babies and the weighted straw means no frustration as they sip and tip the cup. The sippy cups are being introduced in fun neon colors!

My son loves the superhero themed (D.C. Comics) products that are new to Bumkins.

Bumkins at #ABCKids15 3

Bumkins at #ABCKids15

They added lots of great prints to their line too.

Bumkins at #ABCKids15 10

Bumkins at #ABCKids15 11

Their Nixi line offers nursing shawls, silicone teething jewelry, reusable wipes and burp cloths.

Bumkins at #ABCKids15 5 Bumkins at #ABCKids15 6

Bumkins at #ABCKids15 7 Bumkins at #ABCKids15 8

Bumkins at #ABCKids15 9

We own and love two Crane humidifiers but I learned something new when they told us about their filters! Plus who can resist this unicorn humidifier?

Omg unicorn humidifier from @crane_usa at #abckids15!

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EcoNuts had a very cool, eco-friendly display.

EcoNuts at #ABCKids15 5 EcoNuts at #ABCKids15 4

EcoNuts at #ABCKids15 2 EcoNuts at #ABCKids15

I love that their refills will be available in cardboard “wine box” type containers. Just don’t mix it up with your “cardboardeaux!” Their veggie wash has been reformulated and their certified organic products (surface cleaner, dish soap etc) will soon be available in glass bottles. At least I think so based on my paragraph of scribbled notes consisting of a whole bunch of words, ha.

EcoNuts at #ABCKids15 3

I’m really looking forward to trying their bamboo viscose reusable paper towels!

Eyla's at #ABCKids15

The Eyla’s booth was one of my first stops this year.

Eyla's healing hazel at #ABCKids15

The Healing Hazel amber & gemstone jewelry is very pretty!

healing hazel

The Respect Your Mother Eco Vessel bottles are a fundraiser for Giving Diapers Giving Hope and I love them.

Eyla's EcoVessel at #ABCKids15

For every 13 oz, triple insulated Love Your Mother twist bottle sold, a donation will be made to GDGH!

I couldn’t help looking at these HomePop kids recliners every time I walked by the booth. So cute! They also have vanities and chaise lounges!

JuJuBe has tons of Tokidoki bags to match your new Tokidoki Rumparooz!

In case you need a bag to match your @kangacare #clothdiapers! The @jujube_intl booth! #abckids15

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Konfidence has adorable new styles of their Konfidence jacket.

Konfidence New for 2016

The 8 removable floats allow you to adjust buoyancy as your child becomes a more confident swimmer

Konfidence USA at #ABCKids15 2 Konfidence USA at #ABCKids15 3
Konfidence USA at #ABCKids15 1

I love all the attention to detail. Even the inside is decorative!

Lifefactory at #ABCKids15 2

I love Lifefactory and I’m excited about their everyday glassware styles and their hot beverage bottles. The glass containers will keep your coffee hot during your commute (about an hour) and has a cafe cap. Available in 12 or 16 ounce versions.

Lifefactory at #ABCKids15

Logan & Lenora has new wet bag prints, new nursing scarves and new burps & bib prints.

Logan & Lenora at #ABCKids15 3

Logan & Lenora at #ABCKids15 Logan & Lenora at #ABCKids15 2

Logan & Lenora at #ABCKids15 4 Logan & Lenora at #ABCKids15 5

MAM has made changes to their packaging to make it easier to understand each product’s benefits, and they’ve added lots of cute styles to their pacifier and clip lines. Their pacifier clips feature loops and rings to fit most pacifiers and toys, a slider to adjust the length of the clip (so baby won’t drag the pacifier on the floor while crawling etc.) as well as an easy to use clasp.

mam clips mam pacifiers
mam set

They have great new gift sets as well as pacifier wipes this year. The wipes use all natural xylitol and don’t contain alcohol, harsh chemicals, parabens or dyes. They come in a convenient, recloseable pack of 40 wipes.

I’m a sucker for a reveal so I was anxious to find out what celebrity was collaborating with Maxi Cosi and Quinny. The Rachel Zoe collaboration is beautiful, luxurious and has amazing details.

@maxicosiusa @quinnyusa and Rachel Zoe collaboration at #abckids15 #quinnymcfirstlook

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Micuna is the leading children’s furniture & accessories company in Spain. Featuring their minimalist Ovo high chair, mobile Smart Fresh bassinet and beautiful crib designs, the U.S. joins more than 35 other countries who enjoy their quality design & finishes.

Micuna Bassinet micuna crib

Micuna high chair

We love our Naturalmat products and they have wool comforters available now!

naturalmat comforters

pacapod firenze chocolate set

I reviewed a Pacapod bag last year and I think their unique bags are a wise investment. From very affordable models to luxurious leather styles, the bags have organization in common. The removable pods keep all of your stuff separated and easy to find, whether you’re using it as a baby bag, travel bag, work bag or your everyday bag. Not only are they officially launched in the U.S., but Pacapod has added several beautiful new styles. I love the Firenze and Oban in particular!

You’ve probably seen me talking a lot about Pediped lately. They celebrated their 10th “birthday” and have tons of new styles for 2016. Did you know they have machine washable styles?

How cute would it be for brothers to have matching @pedipedfootwear? ? #abckids15

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RePlay‘s colorful feeding products are made from recycled milk jugs!

We’ve enjoyed Silikids products since I reviewed their cups last summer. They now have silicone straws (multiple lengths – no more cutting straws!), spoons that remind me of tiny shovels (which is perfect for self-feeding toddlers) and these cool silicone cups. They have a firm rim at the top to avoid collapse and feel surprisingly sturdy.

silikids cups

Sweet Pea has swaddling blankets in cute prints in addition to all their great new cloth diaper prints!

Sweet Pea at #ABCKids15 2

I know I missed a lot of great products since I was more focused on cloth diapers, including the ridiculously small, guinness world record holding stroller! What was your favorite mom/baby/family product released at this year’s show?

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