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I Survived the 2014 Flats & Hand Washing Challenge

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Post contains affiliate links. I’m participating in Dirty Diaper Laundry’s 4th annual Flats & Handwashing challenge. One week, no washer, no dryer, no problem. Thank goodness. It’s almost over. I survived another year.

Technically, I disqualified myself. Last night my husband put our older son to bed and put a “trainer” (pocket stuffed with hemp & microfiber) on him instead of the pocket I’d stuffed with a flat. Honestly, I was a little bit mad since that means all my work this week was in vain since I didn’t stick to challenge rules, and also because I now have to hand wash hemp & microfiber inserts (not as easy as flats.)

Would I use flats? Sure! Would I hand wash? If I had to, yep. If I were choosing between food and diapers, you bet I’d hand wash flats, receiving blankets, towels, or anything else I could turn into a diaper.

Would I want to do this full time, indefinitely? Nope. I’d plan to take diapers to a laundromat once a week, perhaps supplement with disposables if my budget allowed, buy a diaper sprayer or ScrubADoozy, and for certain, get something like a Wonderwash, Rapid Washer or camp style washer. Even something like showering in a shower/tub combo and soaking/stomping on the diapers while showering would help a bit.

My husband made a comment about “why not the laundromat” and I had to remind him how expensive it is to wash/dry in the laundromat, not to mention dragging a bunch of laundry there, perhaps on a bus for many. Not to mention that some laundromats explicitly state that you may not wash cloth diapers. He said “What, there? Oh these are blankets…towels…burp cloths. Diapers? What diapers?”

I’d also be a heck of a lot pushier about potty training.

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  • May 17, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    I would just omit that diaper since you had no control over it.. it’s not like not counting that one would matter..? lol. oh well…

  • May 17, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    i said that too about people using tshirt flats….. they’re tshirts, not diapers.. so they are FINE to go into laundromats!

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