Is the Google Wifi Mesh Wifi System Worth It?

I paid for these items myself. Post contains affiliate links, which means if you click and make a purchase, I receive a small commission, thank you. Last year, with three kids at home on Google meets all day and me trying to work and do school work, our existing wifi wasn’t cutting it. After lots of Googling, I bought a new modem and the Google WiFi mesh wifi system. Even after pulling the trigger, I wondered is the Google WiFi mesh wifi system worth it? (Spoiler: yes.)

One point replaces your router, and the other points expand your network so you have consistent access in each room. Google says that one will cover up to 1500 square feet and three, 4500 square feet. I have the modem and router in the entry way, with the printer in my “office” attached to another (making the printer accessible to anyone on the network, very convenient!) and the third in the basement. (I say “office” because I don’t have a real office at the new house, it’s just a little corner in the family room. I definitely miss having an office sometimes!!)

The indicator lights will change from red to dark blue, to soft blue during setup. One nifty feature that took me a while to find is that you can change the brightness of the indicator light, including turning it completely off. This is really handy if you want one in your bedroom but are bothered by the light. The design is really modern and unobtrusive.

The Google Home app is used to manage devices, and this is where Google WiFi really shines, especially if you have kids. With one tap, you can pause access on any device on the network including computers and TVs.

You can even set up a schedule to limit access as it works for your family. I looked into devices that did only this a few years ago but they just weren’t in my budget. I love that there is no extra initial or ongoing monthly cost to have these features.

“Blazing fast” is right! I really made this purchase out of desperation when my kids were having issues with their school work but I am really glad I did. So, is the Google Wifi mesh wifi system worth it? Yes! I would highly recommend this for anyone who works from home, has kids in virtual school, or has dead spots in their home’s wifi coverage!

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