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Kiwi Crate Sibling Add On – Review

kiwi crate via @chgdiapers 1

I paid normal price for the pictured items. However, this post does contain affiliate links. Last month, I used a coupon code & got a great deal on a Kiwi Crate for my daughter and one for my son. This month, I decided to give the sibling add on a try, and I was pleasantly surprised!

kiwi crate via @chgdiapers 2

The package came addressed to both kids, and even had two stickers. I also have to mention that I think Kiwi Crate’s customer service is great. I messed up when I was trying to update my subscription…I deferred my son’s (rather than cancel it – in case the sibling add on didn’t work out) and tried to update my daughter’s to include the sibling add on. Instead, I managed to create a second subscription by accident. Instead of sending both, charging me and saying it was my fault (it was!) they were very helpful and brought it to my attention and fixed it for me!

kiwi crate via @chgdiapers 3 kiwi crate via @chgdiapers 5

This month’s theme was feathered friends.

kiwi crate via @chgdiapers 4 kiwi crate via @chgdiapers 6

I was really surprised by what the sibling add-on included! I was expecting they’d just have a few extra materials but everything was duplicated, other than the paint (the bottle was plenty for both.) There was only one set of instructions, but everything else was doubled!!

kiwi crate via @chgdiapers 7 kiwi crate via @chgdiapers 8

I think the $7.95 sibling add on was well worth it, and my daughter absolutely loves getting her Kiwi Crate!

kiwi crate via @chgdiapers 9

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