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>One of the moms from one of my cloth diaper groups owns lil’ outlaws.  She makes/sells diaper safe laundry detergent, cloth wipe solution concentrate, cloth safe diaper cream and more.

She honored my special request and packed my order with smaller portions of five different scents of detergent!  I chose baby bee, butt naked, baby powder fresh, laundromat and midsummer’s night. 

My order got here today and the package made my house deliciously smelly before I’d even opened it.  The scents all smell great, though they are very strong smelling in their bags.  They smell heavenly in the washer & after washing though (the smell makes my whole laundry room smell great).  I got the normal strength scent but she also offers heavy, extra heavy, light & extra light.  I’ve had a bit of a headache this evening from all the new smells, but from my experience with the last bag, the scent will mellow a bit after the bag has been open a while.  I actually suggest that if you “stock up” when you order, store the bags in a closet or drawer that needs some freshening, the bag will do duty as an air freshener until you’re ready to use it!

I used the butt naked on diapers tonight, it is fruity & clean smelling.  I don’t know what it reminds me of. 

She recommends 1/2-1T for a load in an HE washer.  I washed my hubby’s coats in the midsummer’s night & used more than I needed to make them smell extra good.  There is no soap or suds so there’s no risk to your laundry or your washer by using more!  It smells just like the Yankee Candle scent.

The last detergent I bought (Giggles, smells just like Johnson’s buddies body wash) is actually only maybe half finished and I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks. I just couldn’t resist some new scents!  I also would like to switch over to using lil’ outlaws on ALL of my laundry.  I want to see how it does, but I think it would be much better for our clothes, our skin, our washer and our septic system than the sudsy, chemical laden, gummy liquid kind!

The scent on clothing is very faint after washing/drying (we have soft water AND a water softener) but to me that is good, since you can enjoy the scent you like without worrying about smelling like you bathed in muffins, hee.  I did notice that some scents are stronger than others.

When I put a more in with my hubby’s coats though, the smell was noticeable & wonderful, though everything gets clean with much less.  If you want the smell to stick around more, choose heavy or extra heavy scent.  I would, but I don’t know if my nose could take the initial smelliness!**

I’m already making my list of scents for my next order.  Lemon, Amazing Grace, Rice Flower & Shea and Winter Candy Apple.  This yummy detergent sure makes laundry more enjoyable!  Once I find a favorite scent, I plan to figure out what strength works best for that particular scent and stick with it.  However, the scents are so tempting, I probably will keep wanting to try them all!!

I still really want to try her wipes solution, rump rub and pail pardner.  I’m not sure what the pail pardner comes packaged in.  I guess you could put it in a baby powder shaker?  I could definitely see that turning into a giant mess with little ones around though!  I do think I’ll wait until I find a favorite scent before I order that, although I will probably end up choosing baby powder for upstairs and lemon or midsummer’s night for downstairs!

P.S. Jacklen also offers Gift Certificates!  If you are having buildup, repelling or stink issues, or if you have sensitivity issues and have tried other “green” or “homemade” products, to no avail, please give lil’ outlaws a try!  You won’t regret it!!

Edit August 2010: This stopped working for me for some reason, I don’t know if the makeup of my water changed or what!

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