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Mailbox Monday 11/11/13 – When Babies Attack! Dealing with Biting

Mailbox Mondays via @chgdiapers - When Babies Attack - Biting

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Kim says:

This one isn’t diaper-related. My DS is almost 1, and has 4 teeth. He’s very proud of them. However, when he’s tired & fighting the nap, or when he’s hungry, he BITES. Usually, he bites me: grabbing my hand & pulling it to his face, and chomping down hard. Pulling my hand away & saying “No Bite” results in him laughing & biting HARDER. Any suggestions for nipping this in the bud, so to speak?

Biting can be a pain (ha ha) whether your child is biting out of anger or just for fun. Even if you are trying to be as neutral as possible, any reaction can be hilarious to a little one. For some babies, calmly saying “no biting,” or putting them down will work. It sounds like your little guy might just want to chomp! Consider getting a colorful nursing necklace, or a silicone nursing/teething necklace (affiliate link) for him to chew (since you can wear it, it will always be handy!) You also might want to have a toy that he can cuddle & chew at nap times. It would definitely take some diligence on your part to anticipate the times when he is ready to test out his chompers so you can have the substitute ready. When he chooses (“chewses?” LOL) to bite the toy/teether instead of you, smile & give him lots of praise!

Do you have tips for Kim?

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