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Mailbox Monday 12/2/13 – Teething Babies & Molars

teething babies via @chgdiapers

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Sharon says:

My two year old is teething like a mad man with his molars. Any tips for something safe for him to chew other than his poor shirts? I bought him two teethers, Chew Tubes, but he will only sometimes chew. But everything else he will chew except wash cloths.

Molars are rough! Since the teeth are so far back, a lot of traditional teethers don’t work well (which is why chewy tubes work well!) Kid Gear’s The Teethifier is similar as is the molar muncher, Zoli Bunny teether and Boon gnaw.

I love Chewbeads because they have a really nice squish/give and double as pretty jewelry. Also check out Chewlery.

Or, consider turning fresh juice, smoothies or yogurt into homemade popsicles to soothe your little one’s gums.

If he likes to chew cloth (his shirts) but not washcloths, try a chewable lovey instead.

What do you think?

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  • Kaitlyn
    December 3, 2013 at 11:07 am

    I second the chew tubes! I work for a school corporation (and we use these a LOT) and they can also be used to calm a child by letting them fixate on that instead of something else. My son loved his!

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