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Mailbox Monday 12/9/13 – Babywearing Tips – Woven Wrap Back Carries

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Kaitlyn asks:

Do you have a good system or any suggestions for back wearing a 22 pound 14 month old? I have a wrap and I can get her on but if I don’t have my husband help, I don’t feel like she’s snug enough…didn’t know if you had any suggestions. Right now I’ve tried rucksack and double hammock and so far, double hammock is the one I can get the closest to feeling right if I’m just doing it by myself.

Maybe using a carrier would work better but I’d hate to buy one and find out it doesn’t fit bigger people. I’m bigger and pretty busty so maybe you have a reader out there somewhere that has a suggestion for big people if you don’t have any suggestions yourself!

Although I’m not big into woven wraps, they are popular for both their versatility, and beautiful fabrics. Any carry take practice, practice, practice. When you have mastered getting a good seat, it will become easier. You can practice over a bed, or with a doll until you become more comfortable (though it sounds like you are beyond that point!) If you have a local boutique that carries woven wraps, they will most likely be happy to watch you wrap and give pointers on how to get a secure carry.

I love soft structured carriers for babywearing, particularly the Tula. Though I don’t own one, I was able to try one at my local store, and was really impressed by the huge size range. Here’s a photo of a larger Daddy wearing a 3-year old in the Toddler Tula!

Do you have tips for Kaitlyn?

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  • Sue B
    December 9, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    I’ve gone to my local baby wearing group for advice and practice. I’ve also borrowed carriers to try out of their library. I just tried a back carry with my husband or a friend spotting me so I can get better at getting LO snug.

  • Amye
    December 9, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    Kaitlyn may want to check out babywearing international to see if there is a local chapter near here they all have volunteer babywearing educators that can help get a good fit with what she has or some even have a
    Lending library so she may be able to try a few different types of carriers

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