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Mailbox Mondays 10/7/13 – Halloween Costume Ideas for Families & Expectant Moms

Halloween Costume Ideas for Families and Expectant Mamas via @chgdiapers

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Jill wants ideas for:

homemade no sew or low/hand sew halloween costumes, themed halloween costumes for 2 or 3 kids (not a whole family) or pregnancy costume that will combine with 2 kids! < ---that would rock! (and it can't be 'paint your belly' too cold here)!!!

My favorite maternity “costume” is one I saw on Etsy when I was expecting my third baby. It’s a black t-shirt with a skeleton painted/appliqued on and a little skeleton baby. This year I found some where the baby was wearing a costume too! If you’re handy, you could take just about any “paint the belly” idea and do it on a shirt instead.

I love matchy matchy costumes for kids. One year my kids wanted to be Mickey & Minnie but at the last minute my son decided he didn’t want to wear his. I’m not exactly handy though so I usually buy my kids’ costumes. I’ve seen some really cute ones like a washing machine made of a box and balloon “soap bubbles” – a washing machine, basket of laundry and box of detergent would be a cute combo! My thinking cap is out of batteries, so I’m asking my readers!

Share your ideas!

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  • Kaitlyn
    October 8, 2013 at 11:17 am

    We had my son be a Cubbies fan and my daughter be her hot dog or, dress one kiddo as a hot dog and the others as ketchup and mustard.

    You can get foam to turn them into hot dogs, ketchup, or mustard.

    One year, my mom had all of us go as gumball machines. Red sweat pants, red winter hat, clear trash bag and lots of balloons! Put the trash bag in like you would if it were raining, stuff it full of blown up balloons, tie it around the waist (I’m pretty sure she tucked it in too).

  • October 7, 2013 at 10:31 am

    Oh that iron on is so cute! I’ve got some glow in the dark paint and want to go grab a maternity shirt to do that very thing (baby inside!)…. I think this year my kids are going to be a witch and black cat. My hubby is helping with the items already because some of the engineering of making a hat (lol) is beyond me. We were handed down a witch dress so she can wear that. My goal is to turn our black grocery bags inside out and use glow in the dark paint on them, too — then when Halloween is done, just turn them right side out again and use them!

    I definitely want to follow this for next year since we’ll have an infant, too!

  • Kim H-R
    October 7, 2013 at 9:56 am

    I saw a cute couples one last year: “Trailer trash”. (You have to be willing to be un-PC, though.) The husband dressed up in tight leggings, miniskirt, cropped haltertop over a nude-tone leotard, & an 80’s big hair blond wig-didn’t even bother to shave his dark brown beard. The wife dressed up as a potbellied sportsfan, complete with jersey, beer-mounted-on-baseball-hat-with-straw-&-attached-fuzzy-beard, & jeans. It was too funny!

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