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Mailbox Mondays 11/22/10 Search terms that make me scratch my head


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So this week, I thought I’d share some of the most head scratching search terms that led people to my site in the past month.
1. “i had to get a spell made diaper”
Uh, what?  What kind of spell?  Does this spell make the diaper change/wash itself?  If so, where can I get one?
2. “how did a diaper get in my daughter’s room”
I have no idea, but now I want to know too!
3. “i like diapers”
Yeah me too!  I love cloth diapers anyway!

4. “i love boys in fitteds”

I don’t understand this at all.  When I think “fitteds” I think fitted diapers of course.  I guess it could be fitted hats?

5. “my mom change my diapers”

Ermmm…if you’re old enough to be googling, I would hope not.

6. “weird pocket diaper”

I can’t let this one go.  What was it?  What made it weird?  I have to know!  LOL

By the way, I copied this right from my analytics, I captialize “I” even when I’m searching, ha ha.

Have you ever searched for anything that would seem weird out of context?

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