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Mailbox Mondays 6/20/11-What Will I Do When My Son is out of Diapers?

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Do you have a cloth diaper issue? Have a burning question for me? On Mondays, I answer reader questions, and ask my other readers to give their advice too (for cloth diaper questions.)

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Callista says:

I was just curious what you plan to do when you don’t use cloth diapers anymore, when your kids are bigger. Do you see yourself blogging about cloth diapers for a long time still?

That is a great question, and I’ve thought about that a lot since I started the blog. I have tried to sprinkle in other “green” subjects like natural personal care/household products and food, other reusable products etc. I actually struggled a lot when I chose my domain name!

I feel like cloth diapers are more than just diapers to me-beyond a hobby even-and I hope that I’ll stay involved in the diapering community even when my diaper days are over. I definitely have lots of cloth diapering ahead of me, but I realize that at some point, I won’t have an actual model to try diapers on, or to test fit/absorbency. I’ve noticed other moms/bloggers getting involved with cloth diaper companies almost as PR reps helping with product launches and advertising. I think this is fantastic, because they/we know the subject so well! However, I know that it would be difficult for me to “break into” that.

I really love getting to see, touch and photograph different diapers, and I think/hope my readers like all the detail I put into my reviews. I truly enjoy doing it, and I don’t do it for the “free stuff.” When my son is out of diapers, and I can’t really form an opinion on the absorbency/fit etc., I’d love to still be able to photograph and review diapers as a resource to my readers. Even if that means returning the diapers to the company after photographing them, or bringing in some help to test the diapers and provide action shots for me!

That was probably more than you wanted to know, but I’d love to keep blogging about diapers, but also blog about more (since my current readers won’t have babies in diapers forever either!) The weirdest thing is that the idea of being “done with diapers” makes me sad, and I never would have said that when I was using disposables!!

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