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Mailbox Mondays 9/16/13 – Green Household Cleaning Products

Mailbox Mondays via @chgdiapers - Green Household Cleansers

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Aimee wonders about:

…different types of green household cleaners. I currently just use a mixture of vinegar and water and it does the trick, but I can not stand the smell of vinegar. Any other suggestions on ingredients to make your our multipurpose household cleaners.

I’ve tried several natural household products, and while I’ve found hand soap & dish soap I like, I’m not sold on any all-purpose cleansers. I dislike anything that leaves a residue/film/sticky feeling behind, and as much as people sing the praises of vinegar, I always end up with residue. I have heard some say that adding essential oil to the mix can help with the vinegar smell before it dissipates.

I break out the Haan steam cleaner for big jobs or deep cleaning, but otherwise I use Norwex. I don’t have any affiliation or association with the company but I love the products. I use water and Norwex cloths to clean my: stainless appliances, glass stove top, mirrors, granite counter tops, sinks, vanities, showers, bath tubs…essentially everything. I use the small cloths to dust, and give one to each of my kids to “help.” The mop pad and a spray bottle of water cleans all of my floors much better than pricey, chemical filled cleaners.

What are your favorite natural cleaning products? Do you have a great cleanser recipe to share?

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  • Amye
    September 18, 2013 at 7:01 am

    I mix in a spray bottle 1/4 cup castile soap 1/4 rubbing alcohol and whatever essential oil, I use tea tree and lavender 4-10 drops of each and fill with water. The alcohol makes it dry up faster. Some times I mop with this mixture using a reusable mop pad. Found the recipe on the internet somewhere a long time ago

  • Shannon W
    September 16, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    I add a few drops of dish soap. I’ve heard essential oils work really well.

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