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Cloth Diaper Memes – Part Three

A rare weekend post, I couldn’t sit on this any longer, so here it is. I always get a laugh out of memes, but adding a cloth diaper twist makes me enjoy them that much more. For part 3 of my cloth diaper memes, I reserved several that I was iffy about posting in part 1 and 2. Hope they don’t offend anyone!

Cloth Diaper Memes Part 3

#clothdiapers humor via @chgdiapers - cloth diaper memes

Just when you say “no more diapers,” something new & awesome comes out!

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I hesitated to put this one here because of the “cigarette” (and diaper scalping controversy) but I couldn’t resist.

Good Guy Greg Doesn't Scalp Jules - #clothdiapers humor via @chgdiapers

Good Guy Greg doesn’t scalp diapers.

Sorry, Scumbag Stacy is sending copyright notices. This was a picture of Scumbag Stacy reading “Begs You To Loan Her Diapers, Sells Them on Craigslist.”

Scumbag Stacy is another one I thought might be too risque or offensive. But really. If it hasn’t happened to you, someone you know has had some some story cause them to give away (or practically give away) diapers, only to see them resold. ARGH!

Samuel L. Jackson doesn't take kindly to #clothdiapers bashers - humor via @chgdiapers

Another holdover from parts I and II, I don’t advocate violence but I’m pretty sure Samuel L. Jackson would be ticked. 😉

#Chaplin Flip #clothdiapers stay in stock for about a half second - #humor via @chgdiapers

Pretty much every time I saw Chaplin Flips stocked anywhere!

Godfather baby says they will pay for throwing his #clothdiapers away - humor via @chgdiapers

I have a feeling they’ll be sorry for making that mistake. 😉

#clothdiapers and colored icing don't mix - humor via @chgdiapers

That moment of shock & horror when you open the diaper & remember the birthday cake he ate yesterday. *shudder*

You CAN have a bad time with #clothdiapers - #humor via @chgdiapers

On the same note, there are certain things that will cause you to have a bad time later.

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