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My Favorite Way to Use Flats – #flatschallenge


I’ve used the origami fold, diaper bag fold, pad fold, and variations of them. I’ve snappid, I’ve pinned (or attempted to), folded under a cover, pad folded in a cover & pad folded in a pocket.

If you’re just “tuning in,” I am participating in Dirty Diaper Laundry’s Flats & Handwashing challenge. I will use only flats for one week, and hand wash them during the week as well!

At a leisurely diaper change, I actually enjoy origami folding and snappi’ing, especially with the stretchy and snug-fitting Orange Diaper Co. flat. This method is great to keep covers cleaner with a breastfed baby in my experience, but it does make more of baby’s skin wet, and can take extra time.

My favorite is probably pad folding & using inside a pocket. Baby stays dry, and while folding the flat is a little extra work, you can customize your absorbency, and putting the diaper on is as easy as a disposable. The thick insert opens up to 1 easy to wash layer whether you’re using a machine or washing by hand.

However, if you have to hand wash, it makes much more sense to use a wipeable cover to minimize your laundry, and make it easier to get things clean (PUL vs. a suedecloth inner.) In that case, I like to pad fold flats ahead of time and stack them up. You can either swap the wet flat out for a dry one, or grab a new cover that already has a flat laid inside, and set the used cover aside to air out until the next change. I also like to fan the back out a bit to catch messy messes, ala an angel wing prefold. Pad folding allows me to put the majority of the absorbency up front where little guys need it the most!

If you’re participating and a blogger, link up. If not, read other bloggers’ posts!

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