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My guest post series and a word about AI2s

>My first “intro” post on Village of Moms is up here.  Over the next several days, there will also be a “cloth 101” type series of posts from my point of view.  I’d love it if you checked it out.  I will try to post as my posts are posted (ha, postity post post post.)

She’s also doing some cloth giveaways in the next few weeks!

My Cloth 101 posts had me thinking and I wanted to clarify.  For a new cloth diaperer, all of the types of cloth diapers can be super overwhelming. 

I always thought that an all in one was a diaper that looked most like a disposable, with the absorbent layers sewn in.  You don’t have to do a thing but wash it.  They usually look something like this:

An “all in two” was a diaper that consisted of a waterproof outer layer and a separate, absorbent soaker, that either lays in or snaps into the shell.  Like this:
There are fitteds with soakers like this also, but since they don’t have a waterproof layer, they are fitteds (and need a cover) rather than all in twos.
So then there are what I call hybrids.  Gdiapers, Flips, GroVia etc.  They have a shell/cover that is used with various soaker pads, including disposable soakers.
Simple, right?  Wrong!  As diaper makers are trying to find their niche and make a unique product, the lines between diaper types are really becoming blurred.  The same diaper style that’s sold as an all-in-two above (and by many other diaper makers as well) is sold as an all in one when it’s made by Goodmama.
Waterproof outer, snap in soaker…all in one.  I had someone tell me that it was because the outer shell couldn’t be reused with a new soaker at the next diaper change.  The inner of the shell has material that would get wet/dirty and would need to be washed.  That the only true all in twos were the hybrid systems.
I respectfully disagree.  I may not be as seasoned as some other cloth diapering moms, but if I buy an all in one, I expect a diaper that can be used, washed, dried and used again, with no extra steps.  If it was two pieces, it’s an all in two.  In my mind, all in two just means that it has two pieces, and the hybrids, while they are all in twos, are really a different breed.
In the end, it really doesn’t matter, just be careful when you’re buying and ask for details and inside photos if you’re not sure what you’re getting. 
I guess I just wanted to throw this out there, since when I talked about All in Twos in my cloth 101 post, I really just talked about the hybrid systems.  It can be disappointing to not be clear on what the diaper is like (which is why I hope you all like my blog!)  I’ve bought all in ones that have sewn in soakers, sewn in in soakers with pockets, soakers that are only sewn at one end and have to be stuffed back in, snap in soakers and sewn in soakers with an extra flap soaker.  I’ve bought fitteds with most of the same types of soakers as well!  Then I’ve used at least two all in ones that were exactly the same as all in twos, but they were called all in ones.  Very confusing! 
I think the general definitions of “one” and “two” should drive the naming of diapers, not reusability of the shell, but that’s just my two cents!

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  • May 15, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    that is confusing and I agree with you down to os pockets 🙂

  • June 8, 2010 at 2:31 am

    >I've tried a huge variety, but one size pockets still come out on top for me as well!

  • June 7, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    >AHHHHHHHH! How confusing and disappointing that you can order something you totally didn't want! Thanks for the tips!

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