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National Baby Safety Month (+ Giveaway!)

Did you know that September is National Baby Safety Month? This month-long event, which is sponsored by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) is designed to increase awareness of baby safety issues and safe baby products.

National Baby Safety Month

Here are some baby safety tips from MAM:

Strap in for Safety. Falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries in children ages 0 to 19 and every day about 8,000 children in the US visit the emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. Safety belts and straps should always be used when available, whether it’s on the go, in the car, and even at home. Visit to learn more about how to create a safe environment for your child!

Always place baby to sleep on their backs. A recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that about 2 in 10 babies are placed to sleep in incorrect positions that greatly increase the risk of SIDS.

Consider pacifier usage when placing baby down for sleep and remember that the pacifier may not be reinserted once baby falls asleep. Pacifier use is shown to reduce the risk of SIDS. MAM supports the AAP published guidelines for pacifier usage which you can check out here:
and get more information about pacifiers and how they reduce the risk of SIDS here:

Before using a pacifier, check for signs of damage or weakness. Pull the nipple in all directions and throw away the pacifier at the first sign of damage or weakness. Pay extra attention to your child’s pacifier as teeth emerge (this can start as early as 1 month)! Be sure to replace pacifiers every month or two.

pacifier safety

Always monitor your baby’s body temperature. Your baby could be too hot if you notice sweating, damp hair, flushed cheeks, heat rash and rapid breathing. One of the best ways to ensure your baby can regulate their body temperature while they’re asleep is to dress them in natural fibers like cotton, bamboo and merino.


ErgoPouch (pictured) is a great choice when it comes to correctly dressing your baby for sleep. The correct, tog (warmth)-rated swaddle or wearable sleep bag/suit will allow you to not use blankets, which can place babies at risk of SIDS. You can see the complete ergoPouch collection at

Ensure that your baby’s crib meets CPSC standards and that everything in your nursery is free of harmful chemicals and toxins. You can make sure your crib isn’t on a CPSC recall list here: Also make sure your baby’s crib is placed away from (1) windows, where drafts and sunlight can put your baby at risk, and (2) drapes/blinds, which are strangulation hazards.

Micuna has safe, seriously stylish cribs manufactured with sustainable materials like solid Beech Wood. You can see all the cribs they offer here:

Place baby to sleep on a firm mattress covered by a fitted sheet that meets current safety standards and remove all soft objects from the crib, including bumper pads, blankets, pillows and stuffed toys. A recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that almost 15% of babies are placed on non-recommended sleep surfaces each night while over 90% of babies have loose, soft objects in their cribs that pose suffocation risks.

If you’re looking for a breathable crib mattress, Newton Baby makes Greenguard Gold Certified breathable, washable (!) and recyclable crib mattresses with an innovative design allowing air to flow freely for optimal breathability and temperature regulation.

The SIDS institute suggests giving your baby plenty of interactive tummy time. This should never be in a bed; a good place for this is on the floor. Never leave baby on their stomach unattended. Play with baby as he/she does baby push-ups.

Gathre has wipeable mats perfect for playtime. They are made of waterproof bonded leather and will blend seamlessly with any modern mom’s decor. Find your perfect mat here:

Pass along these tips to friends and family members to keep babies safe!

Giveaway: One lucky winner will receive a $50 MAM package as well as an ergoPouch ergoCocoon swaddle to sleep bag. Entries go in the Rafflectoper form below. Not sponsored, endorsed or approved by, nor affiliated with Facebook. By entering, you understand you are releasing your information to me, not to Facebook, and agree to release Facebook from all liability.

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