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New Cottonbabies Exclusive Bumgenius/Flip Print – Louis

cottonbabies louis

Cottonbabies owner Jennifer Labit gave a hint with a Merry Christmas photo she posted on Instagram that showed a sneak peek at a new diaper print. This was shortly followed by a photo of her son Louis, watching Louis Armstrong and wearing the diaper.

We didn’t have to wait long!

Exclusively at Cotton Babies:

Jazz up your stash with our newest Genius Series print, Louis! Named after famous jazz musician and singer, Louis Armstrong, this charismatic print highlights a perfect harmony of instruments and music notes with a pop of Mirror, Clementine and Sassy.

Louis Armstrong was an incredible musician and singer who was known for his innovative performances on the trumpet and deep, gravelly voice. He made a foundational impact in the music industry that many artists imitate to this day. Louis’ gifts led to a historical shift in jazz music. “Though the history of jazz is filled with many exceptional and innovative musicians, it is hard to find any one who has had as profound an influence on the movement as Louis Armstrong.” – NPR

Get this wonderful print for your line up before the curtain closes.

louis 40

Louis is available only at Cottonbabies in Flip, Flip Trainer, 4.0, Elemental, Newborn and Freetime.

After the release, Ms. Labit posted one more cute shot of Louis in the diaper!

Are you planning to buy one?

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