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SmartKnit – Socks & Underwear for Sensory Kids (Review)

smartknit kids

Do you hear angels singing? That’s because my kid put socks on without fighting or freaking out. I discovered SmartKnit and SmartKnitKids in a lengthy search for a solution to our sock woes.

My 8 1/2 year old has major sock issues. In fact, she almost never wears them. I hate that I’m sending my kid out in flats with no socks during the winter, but sometimes you have to choose your battles. Anyone with willful or ODD children get me here. She has to wear them 2x a week for PE class, and I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on socks she won’t wear. Often she says they are OK but changes her mind after we wash them, or just at random after weeks of wearing them. Most recently I bought a new pack of “seamless” (not really) socks that she suddenly decided were “too tight.” In fact, she accused me of throwing away the new ones and putting the smaller size in her drawer.

@smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 1

I really hesitated to buy these because they are quite expensive. On the other hand, I was willing to pay $50 for one pair if she would just wear the darn things. I’d spent much more than that on socks she won’t wear. I didn’t want to invest in a lot until I was sure she would wear them, so it ended up costing me over $30 to have 2 pairs of socks and one pair of underwear shipped to me.

@smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 2

I bought one pair of ankle socks in size large (the largest size they come in) and one pair of crew socks in size extra-large. She wears around a size 2 in kids shoes so she was right on the border of sizes.

@smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 3 large kids ankle socks @smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 4 xl kids crew socks

These socks are really unique in that they don’t have a heel, which solves the issue of them needing to be exactly the right size lest the heel be in the wrong place or bunch up.

@smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 5 large ankle vs xl crew @smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 6 lg vs xl width

The crew socks are a bit taller than the ankle of course, and the XL is just a smidge wider. They are super stretchy and comfortably snug, as well as truly seamless. I wear around a size 6 women’s shoes and tried on the XL crew socks. Seriously, the most comfortable socks ever. They are around $6-7 per pair depending on how many you buy and come in several colors. (There are more types/styles of adult socks available, though they are even more expensive.)

@smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 7 undies box

Our underwear issues aren’t as bad as our sock issues, but there are just a few pair that my daughter will wear, so as she’s outgrown them/worn them out, we’ve struggled to find others when I wasn’t able to find exactly the same ones in a larger size. They are too tight or too loose or too high or too low or “feel funny.” This is the worst because once you spend money on underwear, it’s not like you can pass them along to someone else!

@smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 8 undies sizing

I bought one pair in a size medium.

@smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 9 undies
@smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 10 leg @smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 11 waist

Like the socks, the undies have no seams. They are stretchy and a bit thick, with a non-binding waist and comfy leg openings.

@smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 12 no tag
@smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 13 seamless crotch @smartknitkids seamless socks & undies for sensory kids via @chgdiapers 14 side

When I say no seams, I mean no seams. Not at the waist, the legs, the crotch or the sides. No tag either. At $12/pair or $32 for 3-packs, they are not cheap. But it you have a child with sensory issues, they’re pretty much priceless. She said they felt like comfy pajama pants.

I’ve already ordered a 6-pack of the XL crew socks for her, a 3-pack of undies, and an assortment of socks for my husband too. She lost both pair after the second wear when she yanked them off and left them balled up (we eventually found them) and she refused to wear socks that week. You can imagine what happened to my blood pressure when this happened, ha. I want some for me too but I’m too cheap to spend that much money on myself!

Do you fight the sock battle?

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  • Liz Catalano
    August 8, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    Thank you so much for this review. My daughter has always taken issue with socks and we could usually get away with turning them inside out or going with no socks. But the last two weeks- UGH. She has decided that all underwear with any seam are of the devil. And all the brands that say “seamless” are filthy little liars. In a few weeks, when the novelty of wearing her brother’s underwear wears off and she realizes that these too have seams, we’re sunk. Anyway, I came across these underwear in on their site, but the picture is just a drawing and I couldn’t tell if there really was the back seam like all of the others. So THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting a picture of the actual product!!! Will buy immediately.

  • Jessica
    August 2, 2015 at 6:48 pm

    Thanks for the review. My 5-yr old’s issue is underwear. He has one pair he will wear and can’t explain why the others don’t feel comfortable. I have been apprehensive to spend the money on smart knits … but like you I have bought pair after pair that he won’t wear. I’m going to give these a try. Fingers crossed!

    • August 2, 2015 at 9:36 pm

      I really hope they work out for you! The socks were a Godsend for us. It’s so hard when they really can’t tell you any more than they feel “weird” or “don’t feel right!”

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