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Spray Pal Giveaway – 2 Winners (7/11) U.S. & Canada

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Spray Pal is the splatter shield that works with your diaper sprayer to keep your bathroom free from overspray. You can use water amount of pressure you need to get your cloth diapers clean, without fear of splashing icky water on your face or walls.

Over the Moon is recognizing some fantastic, innovative products with a giveaway hop, and I’m hosting the Spray Pal giveaway.

spray pal

Spray Pal folds flat for easy storage and quickly wipes clean. The clips make it easier to spray the diaper, and you can even use it to squeeze excess water out before storing until wash day.

how to use spray pal

Spray Pal is manufactured in the USA, and was designed by husband and wife team David & Jennifer Aprea. Like many great cloth diapers & accessories, they created the Spray Pal to solve a problem they were having. Watch the video below for a Spray Pal demo.

Giveaway: 2 winners will receive their own Spray Pal. Open to the U.S. and Canada. Winners will be selected & notified by Over the Moon. Entries go in the entry form below.

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