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Stylish, Washable & Portable Bed Side Rail from Babyhome

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I received a product at no cost for review purposes. Post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. The Babyhome Side Rail is a giant leap from the rails we had on my daughter’s bed. When I heard about their Side Light bed rail last year I loved the look of it and hello…it was washable.

Take a look at the side light in action:

I’m happy to say that the side rail performs well too!

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The bed rail easily disassembles and stores in the included bag.

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It is also lightweight, so if you are taking a trip you can bring it with you!

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The instructions were pretty simplistic (also had very brief written instructions) but it was fairly intuitive to set up.

@BabyHome_Social Washable Bed Rail via @chgdiapers 5 @BabyHome_Social Washable Bed Rail via @chgdiapers 6

The fabric has mesh windows and it is washable! If you have ever had a child get sick in their bed, you know why I love this so much! The fabric attaches by zipping and I likened getting the second side on to putting on a pair of “a little bit too small” jeans. It was much easier with an extra set of hands to hold it tight while I zipped.

@BabyHome_Social Washable Bed Rail via @chgdiapers 7

The rail is 56″ long, providing protection for even kiddos to “travel” all over the bed while sleeping! It is the tallest bed rail on the market, making it suitable even for pillowtop mattresses.

@BabyHome_Social Washable Bed Rail via @chgdiapers 8

My other favorite feature is that it is hinged in both directions allowing it to completely fold down out of the way to a) make the bed b) allow your child to get in/out easily and c) be unobtrusive when not in use. This feature actually works and it super easy to use. The rail (another brand) we had for my daughter was supposed to fold down in theory but unless you had three hands, super long arms and a lot of patience, it might as well not have had the feature at all.

@BabyHome_Social Washable Bed Rail via @chgdiapers 9

Included straps anchor the rail to the bed in addition to the 17″ long arms that go under the mattress. I’ll admit it look us some trial and error to figure this out but we got it!

The side rail is available in black, lime, navy, white, red, sand, yellow, light green, graphite and clay. The side light is available in light sand, maroon, graphite and navy. (The side light adds a light that charges via USB, automatically shuts off after 30 minutes, and remains charged for 24 hours.) I love that you can choose a color that matches your child’s decor.

The Babyhome side bed rail retails for $79.99 and it absolutely worth it both for the look and the functionality. The Babyhome side light bed rail retails for $20 more.

Babyhome has some great new products for 2015 including the Air Bassinet, Taste High Chair and Wave bounce chair.

The Air bassinet comes with a removable changing pad, a mesh window and side pockets. Use it on wheels, a rocking base or stationary. The fabric is removable and washable (love this) and it includes a waterproof foam mattress, pocket sheet and travel bag!

The Taste high chair has an aluminum frame and stable base. You can move the tray sideways with one hand or even remove it completely and put in the dishwasher. The removable tray also allows you to use the chair at a table and the fabric is washable (sense a theme here)? It is light, folds compactly in a single step and the 5 point harness adjusts as your child grows. Really, really wish these were around when I was shopping for high chairs!

The wave bounce chair is perfect for someone with contemporary decor and can be used in a stationary position or front to back rocking motion. It has two reclining positions, a 2-point harness and yes, removable and washable fabric. It even folds for easy and compact storage!

Babyhome’s Emotion stroller is both lightweight and feature packed.

Open it with one hand and use it with for Cybex (Aton), Nuna (Pipa), Maxi Cosi (Mico AP) and Graco (Classic Connect) by using an adaptor!

Shop or great stores including and Target.

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  • Brittany C
    June 29, 2015 at 2:56 pm

    This looks great!! We definitely need one soon as we are going to skip a toddler bed and go to a twin for our toddler. I also LOVE the shark bedding! So cute!

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