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Bring on the mama cloth, I finally have somewhere to put it!

>I don’t know if you remember my post asking where you keep your “supplies,” but we previously had zero space in our half bath, and I was trying to figure out what to do/where to keep stuff.  I am so excited that we’ve finally updated our half bath to new, more modern decor and I have storage space now, woo-hoo!

My husband received Lowes gift cards for Christmas, and I received one to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  We went to Lowes to get salt for our water softener, and they had a gorgeous vanity with granite top and under mount sink for half price!  We got that, some beaded wainscot, trim and other things, and spent around $200 for the update (money we received as Christmas gifts.)

Here’s a reminder of what the bathroom looked like before:

my potty tee heemy bathroom

I chose the towels/rug ten years ago, so I think it was time for a change.  My tastes have definitely changed since then!

We’re not completely done yet, we need to paint over some caulking, put some knickknacks on the shelf, and I’m working on some modern artwork for the side wall.

half bath remodel with beaded wainscotvanity with granite top

nautica west end bath rug

I’m so excited! I was just hoping for an above the toilet storage thingie, and I got this! I can’t get over how nice it looks, and I’m so proud of my hubby for getting it (mostly) done!

mirror ledge shelf

So, yay!  Now I definitely want to start getting some mama cloth now that I have somewhere to keep it.  Though, can you imagine if someone decided to snoop in there?  That surprise would serve them right, hee hee!

If you use mama cloth (I swear I’ve asked this before but I can’t remember?) what is your favorite brand?

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Where do you you keep your diaper pail and, um…”stuff”?


my potty tee hee

We spend the majority of our time downstairs and consequently, that’s where I change most of my son’s diapers.  Our half bath is pretty stark, and I’ve been looking for some wall art or something ever since we moved here.  More recently, I’ve been looking at bathroom furniture.
When I change a dirty diaper, I clean it out in the bathroom, then take it to the laundry room (also on the first floor) and store it in my Planet Wise large hanging wet bag.  Really, this works for us, but I wish I had some storage space in the bathroom.

my bathroom

  The bathroom just has a toilet and pedestal sink, so there’s nowhere to put anything really.  My apologies in advance for “too much information” but after more than two years, my “monthly cycle” has returned, and I’m left running upstairs and back down every time I need to “take care of business.”
I really want to try Mama Cloth (don’t point and laugh and call me a sposie user, even though I deserve it!!) but this is the bathroom that my kids, husband, as well as any guests use.  I thought about putting a wet bag in here for diapers, but I don’t really have anywhere to put/hang it.  I’d love to have a cabinet that goes over the toilet, which would not only fill the empty space and make the room seem cozier, but give me a place to put stuff.  I don’t know that I really want to leave a small wet bag for used mama cloth, or clean mama cloth just laying on the floor.
Not only that, but it would give me a place to hang another wet bag for diapers, a place to store a scraper for dirties (I know, I know, I need to buy a sprayer!) and a place for air freshener and spare TP.  I’ve been left stranded with an empty tube more than once!
How about you?  Do you have a diaper pail or wet bag in the bathroom?  If you use mama cloth, where do you keep your stuff?

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