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HFCS Free Vermont Bread


I’m OK with high fructose corn syrup in moderation, but when it’s in every flipping thing on the store shelves, moderation is hard to achieve!  I’ve been trying to find other options for anything containing HFCS which we buy with any regularity.  I think ketchup and bread are the last ones we have to replace.
Arnold bread is the only one I’m aware of that’s HFCS free and available at my usual grocery store.  I’ve bought the country white before and it’s OK.  I like multi grain bread for sandwiches, but for PB&J, fluffernutters etc, there’s nothing like fluffy white bread.  I know, I’m ashamed.  I think it must be from growing up on 100% whole wheat bread (stored in the refrigerator for extra hardness, LOL.)  Sorry Mom, hope you don’t read this, hee hee.

This Vermont soft white bread was on sale at my local organic market for just a few cents more than my usual brand, so I picked it up.
It’s wider (more rectangular) than “regular” bread, and slightly higher in calories than what I usually buy.
It seems to have the same texture as the Arnold Country White.  It’s dense and has more of a homemade texture.
With a regular price of almost $5 per loaf, I don’t think I’ll be buying it again.  The Arnold bread is $4 at my store.
I really enjoy baking bread, so if all HFCS-free bread is going to have homemade texture, I’ll just go back to perfecting a sandwich bread recipe.  That one was OK with a little less sweetener, but it was gag inducingly salty.  I wonder if it was supposed to be 2 teaspoons rather than two tablespoons.
If anyone finds a great, HFCS free white bread, let me know!
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