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Itzbeen Winner

itzbeen winner

226 people entered this giveaway. The winning entry is #80, which is Christine Mitchell.

Congratulations Christine, I’m sending you an email so you can claim your prize!

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Itzbeen Pocket Nanny / Baby Care Timer – Review & Giveaway (CLOSED 10/24)

The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is one of those things that made me go “it’s a what?” then “whoa, this is awesome!” shortly followed by “why didn’t I think of that?” and “why didn’t they have this when I had my first baby?!”

Itzbeen 1 Itzbeen 2 back

In a nutshell, the Itzbeen is a pocket nanny that makes up for the short term memory loss that you may have, thanks to the life-with-a-newborn fog you’re living in.

Itzbeen 3 Itzbeen 4 back

At it’s simplest, the Itzbeen allows you to push a button for diaper, food, sleep/awake or misc, and it starts a stopwatch. Say you can’t remember when you changed the last diaper, just take a peek. Even now, with a 2-year old, I find myself looking at which diaper my son has on, and trying to remember what I was doing when I put it on him, and what time that may have been! Even worse is if my husband changed the last one! Fortunately with cloth, I can tell it was changed, since it looks different, LOL.

Itzbeen 6 lock Itzbeen 5 mute alarm

All you (or your significant other) have to do is press the button, and the clock starts ticking. This handy dandy lock switch on the side prevents you from accidentally re-setting them. The other side has an alarm mute button, but I haven’t gotten to that feature yet!

Itzbeen 7 aaa batteriesItzbeen 8 display

The back cover slides off easily for you to insert three AAA batteries, then you’re ready to go. The itzbeen even has a digital clock built right in, and it’s easy to set.

Itzbeen 9 night light Itzbeen 10 back light

Forgive me for the terrible pictures, but lights off/no flash was the only way I could show you the night light/flash light feature (goes off automatically after 7 minutes), and the back light.

Itzbeen 12 when timer is counting, colon blinks

So when you’re ready to start the “stopwatch” you just press the appropriate button, and the colon flashes, to let you know that it is timing. There are options for feeding, diapering, awake/asleep and misc. There’s also a L/R slide switch towards the bottom to keep track of which side the baby nursed on last!

Itzbeen 11 instructions

This next feature is what I think makes this super awesome. The stopwatch/counting feature is nice if you want to glance and see how long it’s been (i.e. should we change him before we go to Grandma’s?) Still, that’s a lot of remembering to look. But wait, there’s more! (Would I be great on an infomercial or what?)

Itzbeen 13 set reminder alarm

You can sent reminder alarms in 30 minute to 24 hour intervals. So not only can you time when you last fed/changed baby etc., but you can set a timer to remind you when it’s been 2 1/2 hours since the last diaper change, feeding etc. The alarm will go off for 30 seconds, and you just press the lighted button to acknowledge it, and begin the timer again.

I think this would be an awesome gift for any new parent, especially if they have twins!! The Itzbeen is available in white, pink, blue and green, so you can have one for each child with no confusion. When your children are older, you could use it to track when medication was taken and when it needs to be taken again, or even to track TV or computer time!

The Itzbeen is available at many online and brick & mortar stores, or you can buy online directly from Itzbeen.

You can also find Itzbeen on Facebook and Itzbeen on Twitter.

Giveaway: One winner will receive an Itzbeen pocket nanny of their own! (ARV $24.99) Entries go in the Rafflecopter form.

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