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“Kelley Blue Book” for Cloth Diapers?

“How much should I pay for used cloth diapers?” “How much should I ask for my cloth diapers?” “What does EUC mean?” “What exactly is a ‘very good used condition’ diaper?”

*edit* First part of this posted here: https://change-diapers.com/2012/02/used-diaper-condition-euc-vguc-guc-uc-etc-definitions/

As I posted on my Facebook page last night, I’ve had a project on my mind for a while (like, since I started cloth diapering.)

The used cloth diaper trade is booming, and experienced buyers/sellers likely know what a fair price to pay is. However, lots of people who are new to cloth diapering may look to used diapers to build their stash on a budget, and may not know what they should be paying.

On the opposite side, people who are looking to sell off their stashes/diapers they aren’t using for the first time don’t know what to ask. They don’t want to ask too much or too little, and “make me an offer” with no asking price tends to get low or no offers.

There are descriptions out there of different diaper “conditions,” but I think it would be nice to have explanations of the most commonly used descriptions such as like new (LN), excellent used condition (EUC), very good used condition (VGUC), good used condition (GUC), used condition (UC) and needs repair (that one’s self explanatory!) along with photo examples of each. This would not only help buyers know what to expect (multiple photos on a diaper listing are great, but sometimes things are hard to see) but also to help sellers appropriately “rate” their diapers. Even if you’re not into buying or selling used diapers, you’ve likely seen listings, or conversations about listings that made you scratch your head and say “that’s excellent condition? On what planet??”

I’d also like to see/have/create a guideline for pricing diapers. Someone linked to a retailer that posted their pricing guidelines for each condition (% of retail) but I am well aware that there is far more risk involved in buying from an individual, and I also don’t know that blanket guidelines are appropriate for the personal side. For example, I would think that a “name brand” diaper would retain more value than a “cheapie” or “Ebay diaper.” I also think a well known WAHM’s diapers would retain more value than a new or unknown WAHM. I realize that % off guidelines would take into account the original cost new, so maybe that’s enough and I’m totally off base here thinking that reputation/longevity would affect the value retained.

I have no desire to start another huge project again, only find out it already has been/is being done. Do you think there is a need for this? Has it already been done? Again, I know there are EUC/VGUC etc. descriptions out there. I am thinking of descriptions with photos and pricing guidelines either by style, brand or category and by price ranges or % off. Like you’d go to KBB to determine the value of a used car. What do you think? (I have several ideas as to how I would do this but am open to other suggestions.)

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