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Cloth Diapering Detergents How To/Demo Washing

Is Detergent Build Up Real? The Cloth Diaper Debate Continues

Is detergent buildup real cloth diapers

Is Detergent Build Up Real?

Before we get into it, here’s a quick summary if you don’t have time to read the whole post (I do recommend clicking my links to see what I was saying a decade ago as well!)

Best ways to wash cloth diapers

  • Today’s detergents are very concentrated; you may not need as much as you think
  • However, cloth diapers are heavily soiled laundry, treat it that way!
  • Detergent that works well on your family’s laundry should be fine for cloth diapers
  • Try to wash every 2-3 days
  • Don’t pack the washer full!

Why do I care about cloth diaper detergent?

Cloth diaper detergents and washing cloth diapers have always been subjects near and dear to my heart. One of the first posts I wrote on this blog in 2009 talked about how the myth of needing special cloth diaper detergents prevented me from using cloth diapers from birth with my second child. 

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Geffen Baby Newborn Super Absorbers for the Cost of Shipping

Geffen Baby is offering 100 people a pack of Newborn Super Absorbers for free (you pay shipping). They ask that you share the offer with the #GeffenBaby hashtag first, then add them to your cart and use “FreeNB” which will give you $15.30 off, making them free. Shipping seems to be just a few dollars, so it’s a good deal! These are great boosters if your baby is too big to use them alone!

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My Five Frugal Newborn Diaper Stash Tips

Because I am a stay at home wife of a teacher, and because the Newborn stage is so short, we decided to try and pick up my entire stash used, or as cheaply as possible.

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Cloth Diapering Newborn Diapers

Bianca and Nola’s Overall Newborn Cloth Diapering Experience

If you click & buy, we may receive a small commission, thank you. PSA: Get ready for baby fever after reading this post! (Lots of adorable pictures of a newborn in cloth.)

Before the time comes that my Nola Baby is no longer a newborn but an infant (tears), I wanted to write an overview of the newborn diapers we used in her first 10 weeks. At her last appointment a week ago, she was 9lbs 15 ounces. So basically she should already be 10lbs! She is growing way too fast. We are currently doing a mix of cloth diapers and disposable diapers. I know there will be a time when we are strictly cloth, but for the time being a mix of both is what works well for our family.

The first diaper Nola wore was a pink newborn THX All in One. She was 2 days old. I loved these diapers! They fit so well and the umbilical cord snap down was a great feature! Although a great fit, as she started growing, the diaper started to absorb less. I had a couple of leaks with these. Specs: umbilical cord snap down, waterproof PUL outside layer, an absorbent core, and a microfleece inner layer, manufacturer recommendation: 6-12 pounds.

THX Newborn AIO   THX Newborn AIO

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Cloth Diapering How To/Demo

Tips for Cloth Diapering Two Children at the Same Time

When Lucy was born in June of 2014, Emilio was 3 years old and still in cloth diapers. Although still in cloth, I knew it wouldn’t be long until he would be potty learning and using cloth trainers soon. I had no idea how I was going to go about cloth diapering two children at once. There was some trial and error at the beginning, but after I figured out a routine, it became much easier.

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