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Tips for Choosing your Baby’s First Shoes

If you click & buy, I may receive a small commission, thank you. First baby shoes are such an important ‘step’ a child’s lifetime of foot health and care. pediped dedicates themselves to creating comfortable, stylish and high quality footwear that is designed to promote healthy foot development.

Here are some great tips from pediped for shopping for baby’s first shoes.

Look for shoes with soft, flexible soles, and large roomy toe box.

pediped Originals are ideal because they combine soft leather sole, with soft leather lining and uppers to create the most comfortable crib shoe that will take them from crawling, to walking and then to running. Made with soft leather, they are ideal for indoor and outdoor environments. The soft cushion beneath their feet most mimics barefoot walking while providing enough protection for their feet.

Check if the shoe is comfortable.

Bend the shoe at the ball and see if it flexes easily.

Look at the materials and construction.

Is it breathable, is it made of leather or a breathable fabric? These are positive feature for first baby shoes.

Avoid shoes that are stiff, with a hard rubber sole.

Steer clear of materials that are not breathable, such as synthetics or plastics. It causes baby’s feet to sweat and it also may change the gait on the baby if the shoe is hard.

When children are learning to walk, they like to grip and feel the floor. They also hold on to things and tend to shuffle. Shoes with no hard edges or soles will allow them to easily feel the ground and will not affect their gait.

If you do all these things, you are well on your way for promoting healthy foot development for your little one!

Visit for more information about foot development and choosing the proper shoes for your child.

pediped® footwear was founded in 2005 by Angela and Brian Edgeworth. After their first daughter Caroline was born, Angela started to do a lot of thinking about footwear and the kind of shoes that would be best for her child. She wanted a shoe that was comfortable and stylish and that could be worn both indoors and out. Most importantly, she wanted a shoe that was healthy for her daughter’s feet.

After doing a lot of research, Angela discovered that doctors recommended barefoot walking or soft leather sole shoes, but the choices for infants and toddlers were limited. That is when Angela and her husband Brian decided to create the perfect shoe, which would be the “next best thing to bare feet”.

pediped® has become one of the fastest growing children’s footwear brands in the U.S. and offers more than 120 designs spanning EU sizes 17-38 (US newborn to 6 Youth). pediped’s three footwear lines include Originals® (soft soled shoes for children ages birth to 2), Grip ‘n’ Go™ (soft rubber soled shoes for children about 9 months to 3 years) and Flex® (rubber soled shoes for children about 1-9 years). pediped® is sold all around the world.

Shop pediped, “like” pediped on Facebook, follow @pedipedfootwear on Twitter and on Instagram.

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