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What About Thought to Text or Dream to Text Translators?

For some reason, I have some of my best ideas at night. Every now and again, I will get up, go downstairs, and put it to paper (or keyboard as it were) but most of the time, I just hope I remember in the morning.

Have you seen the slightly weird & annoying commercials for the speech to text software, I think called Dragon (or something?) I’ve complained about my brilliant night time idea conundrum before, and my hubby jokingly tells me I need Dragon. Not a bad idea, but I’d wake everybody up, and my writing would be peppered with transcribed “waah”s and screeches.

What I need is something to read my mind and turn that into texts. Or better yet, transcribe my dreams. I tend to have vivid and weird dreams (which just get weirder during pregnancy) but I also have some great ideas. They don’t always seem as brilliant if I remember them when I wake up, but still. Ha.

I say this jokingly, but all sorts of music, art, books, inventions and discoveries have been inspired by dreams. What if I’m sitting (laying?) on the next Nobel prize winner, but I just can’t remember? 😉

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  • Mary Michaud
    July 11, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    I used to keep a pad of paper on my nightstand and scrawl enough to help me remember it the next morning. Now that I have two little kids, my brain seems to have gone. Glad yours is still working. 😉

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