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What’s In My Flats Challenge Stash This Year

#flatschallenge fsts via @chgdiapers

I’m participating in Dirty Diaper Laundry’s 4th annual Flats & Handwashing challenge. One week, no washer, no dryer, no problem. Saturday I got all my flats challenge goodies together. This is my third year so I didn’t buy anything new, but here’s what I’m using.

#flatschallenge liners via @chgdiapers

The majority of my stash consists of extra-large flour sack towels from Sam’s. I have 23 (it was a pack of 24 but one is in my cloth seminar stash) but will likely use about 16. I found that it was overwhelming to wash more than a few at a time. I also have a handful of fleece liners to make them stay dry, and hopefully also a bit easier to get clean.

#flatschallenge night time flats via @chgdiapers

My night time stash is an Orange Diaper Co bamboo terry square, a Geffen Baby hemp jersey flat and two Hemp Babies flats.

#flatschallengecovers via @chgdiapers

I am rotating 4 covers: a Swaddlebees/Blueberry Capri, two Flips and a Thirsties Duo Wrap. For my older son, I’ll be stuffing the flats in a Bumgenius 4.0 pocket (I’ll rotate 2.) He is not a fan of wearing a diaper at night, but needs the help right now, so I pre-stuff and pre-snap a diaper to pull on like a trainer.

The total cost of my stash was a bit under $150 (I’m being lazy & didn’t look up the exact cost of every item!) That doesn’t include the hemp wipes I’ll be using also!

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